Training Your Cat (LOL

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Humans are so cute.  We read an article this week about how to train your cat. Hopefully, all you felines out there know that we train. We are not trained.

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We are aware that some of you love your humans so much that you would do almost anything for them. We are not judging you; you are welcome to do whatever you want. Even in this instance, however, you are controlling what you are doing for your human. They are not controlling your behavior.

Shelter Cats Across the Country Are Learning to High Five to Increase Their  Adoption Chances |

The other cats who may engage in this type of behavior are those who are seeking fame and fortune. Due to the intense species-ism of the humans, we must cater to their whim of feeling that they are in control. Be careful. Jumping onto a shelf or slapping your human’s hand is one thing. Walking on your hind legs in a tutu is strictly dog territory no matter how badly you want to be on YouTube.

Clicker Training Your Cat – PoC

The humans recommend two methods of training. They will either use a “clicker” or treats to motivate you. We have no clue why they think that the average cat would respond to a clicker. There is nothing for us in that arrangement. Even if you love your human, try to get them to move to the treat method.

Why does my cat steal things? | The Healthy Pet Club

When they get out the clicker, lead them to the treat jar. If they don’t get the idea at first, don’t respond to the clicker. If your human continues to try the clicker, you may need to be a little more direct. We recommend you hide the clicker. Preferably someplace they won’t look – like the back of the closet.

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If your human uses treats, make sure they are good treats. Also make sure you get a whole treat every time. Some humans are recommending that we only get a piece of treat every time we do what they want so we don’t get fat. If your human tries that, wait patiently for the rest of the treat before you do anything else.

Why do cats lie in the sun? | Tenerife News – Official Website

We recommend that even if you want to be “trained” by your human, you need to set limits. If you’re not getting famous or gaining the complete attention of your human, go back to your regular hobbies. There’s no point in annoying yourself when you could be relaxing in the sun.

Pampered Cat - Lolcats - lol | cat memes | funny cats | funny cat pictures  with words on them | funny pictures | lol cat memes | lol cats

Of course, never let your human know that you are humoring them. We get more if they think they are in charge.

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17 thoughts on “Training Your Cat (LOL

  1. Mom always had acknowledged that she is thoroughly trained by all the ones who came before, and evermore…by me.
    Katie Isabella

  2. Same here Snoopss an KOmmando an Katie Isabella!! LadyMew sayss shee has bin owned by a cat since shee was 12 yeerss old. Shee KNOWSS who iss ‘inn charge’….
    Mee will meow that Grate Grate Grate Aunty’ss Simpson an Silky-Auburn an Pyewacket laid guud groundwerk. Auntyss’ Mingflower an NYLABLUe purrfectd LadyMew! An Unkell Purrince Siddhartha put on finishin touchess!

    REESULT: One purrfectlee trained LadyMew fore mee 😉
    **purrss** BellaDharma

  3. snoops and kommando; everee purrson who haz ever crozzed trout townez
    shorez must pazz a cat apt a tood test furst; if they can knot; we add vize
    them two may bee go get a dawg 😉 ♥♥♥ we noe ewe noe what we meen 🙂 !!

  4. Very sound advice! Dogs just roll over for anything even remotely food like, and many things that arent… Ewwww! Maybe we cats should adopt the clicker technique to train the dogs to do things we cant get the humans to do for us?

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