Yule Cat as Fashion Police

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Please note: Everyone knows that we would never allow any human to dress us up for an occasion. We are not passing judgement on cats who choose to dress up for the holidays. We are passing judgement on humans who insist their cohabiting cats dress up to please them, the human.

Cats that once lived outside have learned to appreciate the inside

You may remember Yule Cat. He’s an Icelandic enforcer and you want to stay on his good side. Traditionally in Iceland, if you finished all your chores by Christmas Eve you would get a new set of clothes on Christmas.

Yule Cat prowls around the neighborhoods on Christmas Eve, checking children’ s presents to see if they are receiving clothing. If they are, Yule Cat continues on his way. If the child has been naughty and didn’t finish their chores, Yule Cat will see that the child is not receiving a present. Yule Cat eats the child’s meal as an appetizer and has the child for the main course.

O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree, Your Ornaments Are History | Kittens  Whiskers

We propose something similar. Yule Cat will prowl the neighborhoods, looking in windows. If he sees a kitty dressed in fur, he will pass along. If he sees a kitty dressed up and looking content, he will pass along. However, if he sees a cat who is struggling to get out of the clothes or fighting not to put them on, he will spring into action. Not only will he destroy the offending kitty clothes, he will destroy the festive wear of the responsible human.

We imagine something like this:

Cat Humor: Meet Five Of Santa's Cat Elves | Christmas cats, Christmas  animals, Cats

Verdict: An obviously unhappy cat. Release the poor creature and show me the way to the human’s closet.

Woman dresses up her cats for Christmas in festive onesies | Daily Mail  Online

Verdict: Minimal costume. Cats seem relaxed. No need for me here.

cats dressed for Christmas – EXIT ONLY

Verdict: Someone needs to explain the difference between cats and reindeer to this human. The poor cat is not amused. I hope the human has wool. I love wool.

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Verdict: This little one is almost asleep. Let them be.

huffingtonpost.com on Flipboard: Cats Dressed Up For Christmas Are The  Greatest Gift This Holiday Season

Verdict: Where do we start? Any human who dresses their cat to look like a drunk Santa is obviously doing it without the cat’s consent. We think we’ll have the dinner as well as the clothes.

Christmas Cats (Photos)

Verdict: This is not a happy cat. We have no choice but to destroy your party clothes.

Remember humans. Your cat may put up with the clothes you make them wear, but that doesn’t mean they like wearing them. Yule Cat may be right around the corner.

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32 thoughts on “Yule Cat as Fashion Police

  1. Awww, I do love to see you guys and the pictures. And yes, no cat should wear anything they don’t want to or hasn’t had the opportunity to negotiate on and at least 51% of the royalties of any merchendise! 😉

  2. yule cat; we total lee agreez, ewe will knot catch uz wearin pantz, ore tiez, ore shooz, and de onlee tux ewe will see on uz… will bee de onez de good Lord bee stowed upon all tuxies on de entire planit !! 🙂 ♥♥

  3. Kewl Yule Cat!!! Yore post was furabuluss Snoopss an Kommando!
    You know mee ‘angel’ Unkell Siddhartha LOVED to wear clothess…
    LadyMew brott out his Catmess sweater an showed it to mee. She sorta tried to ‘pop it on’ & things did not go well. LadyMew iss a furry QUIK leerner an shee not tried to dress me up again!! Thanx to Sky Cat an Kewl Yule Cat 😉
    ***purrss*** BellaDharma

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  5. Oh my! The vet told me to get my cat something warm to wear, since he had to be partially shaved. But he absolutely refused to wear anything. He looked at me in disgust and his eyes said, “I am not a dog.”
    My cat is 15 years old. If he was younger, he might have agreed. But he is too set in his old ways!

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