How to Tell a Cat From a Dog

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We would lo point out some obvious differences between cats and dogs. Hopefully, you will find this entertaining, but not informative. If any of this information is new to you, we recommend you spend some time volunteering at an animal shelter. Better yet, adopt a shelter animal.

Cats are more flexible.

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Dogs are friendlier.

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Cats are self-cleaning.

How to Clean Your Cat Without Bathing

Not a bathtub - Imgflip

They both want to lay in your lap, regardless of their size.

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Cats do not require being walked in the rain.

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Cats train their humans; dogs allow humans to train them.

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Cats are better at hide-and-seek.

Teach Your Skittish Cat to Be Less Fearful of Strangers

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Inspired by some new friends of the family:

(Duke, Georgia, Lily, and Tyler)

Pictures courtesy of Google Images (except the boxers).

26 thoughts on “How to Tell a Cat From a Dog

  1. Also: dogs are loyal, obedient and will love you unconditionally. Cats are psychopaths and don’t care if you live or die.

  2. Totally the best wake up I have had! Loved these. Thank you. Still smiling. And those two cats with their tongues out…and the dogs waving..all of it.
    Katie Isabella- Blogspot

  3. This is so cute! And mostly true! Although I’ve seen some cats follow their person around and sit at the top of the steps and cry waiting for their person like a dog does. Some cats definitely CARE, and hate being away from their special person, just like a dog.

  4. MOL…so funny and so true😹 Granny had a doggie and a kitty, the kitty thought he was a doggie and the doggie thought he was human…I don’t know who was smarter, looks like they’re all smart in their own way, don’t you think😸Pawkisses for a Happy Tuesday🐾😽💞

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