Common Cat Questions

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Hello fellow felines. The weather here has been pretty gloomy, and Cat TV has been temporarily cancelled. So we’ve been thinking. There are some questions that we never seem to get answers to. Maybe you’ve gotten an answer from your human and can share it with the rest of us.

Cat Not Eating? 10 Probable Reasons Why | CertaPet

Why does the cat food that is “good for you” always taste worse than what you were eating?

I Can Has Cheezburger? - impatient - Funny Animals Online - Cheezburger

Why do humans always say they’ll only be gone a little while? It would be much more useful to use a cat measurement. Like one nap or two. The length of a typical mouse hunt. Until the sun puddles disappear.

Weird Behaviors: Why Do Cats Open Their Mouths After Smelling Something?

Who decides that cat litter smells pleasant? We can smell some of that stuff from the next room.

Cat suffers for horrible case of Chickenpox : aww

Why is it so much easier to get fish-flavored treats than other kinds? We have friends who don’t like fish. The only place we could find decent treats was online. It was Christmas, and we didn’t have time to go mousing.

ERROR CAT EXE HAS STOPPED WORKING Memecentercom Cat Error 3 | Cats Meme on  ME.ME

Why does our human say, “Here, kitty kitty”? Did she suddenly forget our names?

Cat playing with toy mouse image - Free stock photo - Public Domain photo -  CC0 Images

Why do humans complain about mice running around the house, but also complain if we show them that we killed it?

Why Do Cats Lay on Paper? — Senior Cat Wellness

Why is it OK for the humans to put their stuff on our cat trees, but not OK for us to lie on their papers?

It's not shedding... | Funny cat memes, Kittens funny, Funny cats

Why do they tell us we have beautiful fur then complain when we share it with them?

Why Do Cats Like Boxes? - Catster

Why do they leave boxes lying around if they don’t want us to use them? (Same question for clothes and other stuff they leave out.)

Cats playing video games - Bravado Gaming

Why do humans think they get to decide when we cuddle or play?

Some Facts About Cats Talking To Each Other | Best cat gifs, Cats, Cat talk

If you have any insight, please pass it along.

Kitten Soft Sleeping Cat - Free photo on Pixabay

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18 thoughts on “Common Cat Questions

  1. Those are all great questions and no doubt there are not many cat-attending humans who would think of these on their own! Thanks kitties, for pointing out some things we really do need to contemplate!

  2. Well kitties, food that “is good for” humans doesn’t taste as good as the other stuff either. At least you kitties are obligate carnivores, so no veggies unless you fancy them !

  3. LadyMew tried mee on many diffyrent kibbless. Mee picked sum yummy Kitten kibble which iss guud fore mee an oh so tasty.
    LadyMew has a way of tellin mee how long shee will bee away. Iff shee sayss “Bee rite back” that meens shee iss not leevin buildin. If shee sayss “Goin to store bee back soon” that meenss 15-20 minuttss. If shee sayss “Goin out with Aunty Sheila or Aunty Mary-Ellen” mee knowss shee bee gone fore a cuppull of hourss or 2 happy nappyss’.
    Shee iss furry well trained…xcept fore THE playin time thing…mee still werkin on that one Snoopss an Kommando!!! Mew mew mew…..
    ***purrss*** BellaDharma

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