It’s Winter: Do You Have a Happy Cat?

Cats in Winter

It’s that time of year again in Michigan. Snowy, cold, and generally unpleasant. We know some of you are in the same situation, so we decided to research the best ways to keep us safe and warm in the winter. Please share this with your human.

Let's Talk About Ways To Keep Outdoor And Feral Cats Safe In The Winter -  CatTime

Yes, we get cold. Humans can get a little annoying about this point. Even with fur coats, most of us have a limit to how cold it can get before we feel it. If it feels cold to you, it probably feels cold to us too. And please don’t turn the heat down too far when you go to work.

Keeping Cats Warm in Winter | ThriftyFun

Ways to keep us warm:

  • Cuddle with us.
  • Give us a blanket or cat bed in a warm place. Older cats may need a heated bed to deal with arthritis.
  • Feed us nutritious food to keep our fur thick and fluffy.
  • Keep the house warm.

Cat Relaxing In Front Of The Fireplace

Don’t let us get too close to the fireplace or space heater. We are creatures of comfort and love being warm in the winter. But singed fur doesn’t smell good. And we could knock over the heater. Some of us are not as careful as we could be. (We are NOT clumsy.)

Scratching | Petfinder

We get dry skin in the winter, just like you. Check our skin once in a while, and make sure you brush us. If we are scratching or biting a lot, it probably means dry skin. If you’re concerned, call the vet.

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We can get fleas in the winter. Don’t stop whatever precautions you are currently using.

Is Your Cat Sleeping Too Much? Winter Could Be The Cause - CatGazette

It’s normal for cats to sleep more in the winter. Our internal clocks are guided by the sun, the same as yours. (We just admit that we want more sleep.)

Cat Standing In The Snow | Know Your Meme

Don’t forget us when you buy stuff in preparation for a storm. Make sure there’s enough food, treats, and litter. We get really cranky if we don’t eat.

Does Your Cat Have a Drinking Problem? - Catster

We still get thirsty. The air is drier, and we like our water. We also get cranky if we don’t drink.

Why Keeping Outdoor Cats Warm in Winter is So Important

Don’t forget if you let kitty go outside. We can get frostbite on our noses, ears, and paws. And it hurts. And don’t let us out if it gets extremely cold or a storm is coming. Yes, we will complain.

How to Care for Feral Cats During the Winter

Don’t forget the cats who live outside. If possible, set up a warm place for them to use. Provide food and water in somewhere sheltered; some place other critters can’t get at if possible. And check the water frequently to make sure it isn’t frozen.

Here's Why You Should Spend More Time Cuddling With Your Cats

Finally, don’t forget the extra cuddles! We can warm you up too.

How to keep outdoor dogs and cats warm in the winter -

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29 thoughts on “It’s Winter: Do You Have a Happy Cat?

  1. Our kitties say, excellent tips! We only get the real cold once in awhile, but when we do, our humans need to be prepared to keep us good and warm!

  2. Our weather alot like yoress Snoopss an Kommando….mee went out inn Condo today at it iss 27 deegreess. Mee has 2 soft an plush pillowss inn Condo an LadyMew rapss Condo with mee blankit to cut THE wind an mee can sit out from 15-30 minuttss….
    Iss goin bee a l-o-n-g Winter mee thinkss mee frendss!
    **purrss** BellaDharma (snuggelled close to LadyMew)

  3. snoops and kommando…GRATE post this week and veree veree troo, each N everee werd.
    itz brisk in trout towne az well; even tho we iz INN side catz; when we see a nayborz cat out side we ask de good st francis ta see de kitteh safe lee ta shelter. we will bee offline startin fryday sew tell yur mom ta chex her emailz later next week fora card frum JL !!! see ya soon 🙂 ♥♥

  4. I would add one comment about water for outdoor kitties- when the human leaves water out for my (feral) mama, she always makes sure it’s in a plastic bowl- not metal- she read in a cat magazine that using a metal bowl for food or water outdoors for cats (in the winter) can make their tongue stick to the bowl! OUCH

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