Cat Etiquette for Humans – Part 2 (Food)

Our good friend (and part owner of our human sister) Thunder enjoyed last week’s post. However, she feels that we neglected the role that food plays in human/cat etiquette. Therefore, she has written a follow-up post to rectify the situation.

Grey and white cat sniffing the meat grinder. | Homemade cat food, Homemade  cat, Cat food

Allow your cat to sniff everything. This ensures she gets to choose according to her wishes, not yours.

What to Do If Your Cat Is Obsessed With Human Food - Archie Cat

Just like humans request samples, kitties may also want to try a food before committing to it. I’ve learned that humans put tasty foods, like cheese, on yucky foods, like potatoes, and it can be deceptive. Therefore, samples are necessary.

He REALLY wants a bagel : aww

If your cat is sharing with you, such as a bagel with cream cheese or a forkful of chicken, allow Kitty to finish licking or nibbling before removing the item and taking a giant human bite for yourself. My dad did this with a bagel and cream cheese once, and I was depressed for the rest of the day.

24 Human Foods Cats Can Eat + Foods Cats Should Avoid! | Foods cats can  eat, Human food, Pureed food recipes

Do not mock us if we choose to go for a veggie option (peas) or sweet (ice cream) option. First of all, cats are masters at knowing what’s best for their nutritional needs. (Scientific articles relating such information have been published – see the Catster website). 

Second of all, if it’s good enough for humans, it must be good enough for kitties. After all, even our canned and dried foods are made with human-approved ingredients.

And if humans can be in the mood for these things, why can’t kitties?

The CAT thread. - Page 4 - Pelican Parts Forums

Tear or cut up anything we decide to eat into appropriate-sized pieces. We have small teeth and mouths, and can’t stuff a whole turkey leg in the way humans can. It’s frustrating when we’re given a delicious treat, only to have to abandon it minutes later because we can’t properly eat it.

Japan's Cat Island Asks Internet For Food, Gets More Than They Can Store |  Bored Panda

In the interest of food bank donations (which rise this time of year), I’ve decided to share this tip: 

Donating to the less fortunate is wonderful thing to do, and cats across the world support this gesture wholeheartedly (assuming you don’t donate our treats.) However, when donating, leave the empty boxes around the house alone.

Nothing is more heartbreaking than a cat spotting an empty box, planning to use it as a cozy nap spot, and marking it with your furs only to have a human kick you out. Then they ruin the furs you’ve carefully shed in there and fill it with junk before removing said box from home. Remember, bags work just as well and typically aren’t as cat-friendly. So it’s a win-win.

Dear humans, I hope this has been helpful.

Thunder K. Katt

Pictures courtesy of Google Images (except me)

23 thoughts on “Cat Etiquette for Humans – Part 2 (Food)

    • Thank you! My I adopted my humans when I was tiny enough to fit in my mom’s palm (the shelter released me early due to the pandemic). But like many cats, I hate car rides and let them know by yowling “as loud as Thunder”, which turned out to be my normal speaking volume! I’m louder than any cat they’ve ever had! Hence the name Thunder.
      -Thunder K. Katt

  1. Sage….completely wise advice and needed apparently because we cats have these very complaints! Good attempt to train the human helpers.
    Katie Isabella

    • It’s scary how much training humans need. I’m glad us cats can band together to properly raise our humans. Even after 5 months of daily training, my humans still have a long way to go- hopefully you have better luck with yours! But we love them anyways. Good luck raising your humans!
      -Thunder K. Katt

    Thunder K. Katt yore a geeneuss! LadyMew iss guilty of not givin mee small peecess sumetimess…you sre set her strait! 😉
    An mee all wayss likess to check her foodabullss…just inn case…
    Mee likess sumthin called “Koffee Waffless”…they are a Dutch wafurr cookie with creemy fillin…mmm mmm guud! LadyMew was so sirprized when I chewed a peece of wafurr off fore meeself!! Gotta keep our Hu’manss on their toesiess rite Snoopss, Kommando an Thunder???
    ***purrss*** BellaDharma

  3. itz veree nice ta meet ewe thunder; ewe iz one gorgeouz gal !! we N joyed yur post and now want hot dawgz; but we gotta say it wood knot matter if a bass terd turkee leg waz hole, 7 tenthz ore mashed inta soop; we wood knot eat it for all de trout on de planit ~~~~ snoops and kommando noe oh what we speek ~~~

    happee PIE day two ewe 🙂 ♥♥

    • It was nice to meet you too, and you are very sweet! Here’s hoping you get delicious foods of your choice on Thanksgiving!
      -Thunder K. Katt

    • Thank you much! Although it sounds like it isn’t Thanksgiving where you are, hopefully you get some turkey or other yummy treats anyways.
      -Thunder K. Katt

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