Snoops and Kommando: The Liebster Award

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Snoops and Kommando here. When our pal Suki nominated us for the Liebster Award, Mom said she was too busy to do it. But we pulled out all the stops on our adorableness and finally she said that she would help us. So thanks for nominating us Suki!

The way it’s supposed to work is that we thank Suki, answer his questions, nominate 11 new bloggers, and send them new questions. However, Mom said that she didn’t have time to do that (sigh). She did agree that we could give a meow-out to some of our buddies at the end, so we settled for the compromise. If anyone would like to answer our questions, you can consider yourself Liebster-ized. If you’d like to answer a few in the Comments, that would be pawsome too.

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Here are the questions:

If cats could speak to humans, what do you think they would say?

The first thing would be to tell her to stop buying those boxes of wet cat food. Some of our favorites are in there, but so is a lot of really disgusting stuff. The other thing we would do is to make her feel guilty for leaving us alone so much since she got a second job. Oh, and the most important part: she needs to stop bossing us around.

Have you ever done catnip, and what was it like for you?

Catnip totally rocks. Complete bliss. Unimaginable energy.

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Tuna or Salmon?

We get a lot more tuna. They share their salmon with us, but we’d like our own can once in a while.

Who’s your favorite celebrity feline?

We don’t spend much time on the Internet, so we don’t really know any famous cats. We are very fond of Simon’s Cat. His attitude is an inspiration to all cats.

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Dogs in purses: yea or nay?

Why on earth would we want them anywhere near to us. They should stay at home, where they belong

What was the last thing that made you laugh?

Mom put down a couple of bags of groceries and knocked over a glass of water. She always yells at us if we do it, so it was funny when she did it and didn’t have anyone to yell at.

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Do you have a sibling and did they ever sit on you?

When we wrestle, one of us usually ends up on the bottom. Snoops is bigger, so it’s not really fair. (Kommando’s comment)

Do you wish you had fur instead of that weird skin?

(We think Suki’s human must have written this questions.) We’re sure all humans would rather be beautiful, fluffy creatures.

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If  your pet had opposable thumbs, what’s the first thing they’d do in your house?

We’d take down the doors. Then we could go wherever we wanted to.

If you were a feline, what would your name be?

(Another question from the human) We might name ours Cuddles. Maybe she’d spend more time cuddling with us.

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Have you ever eaten someone else’s food when they’re not looking?

Of course we steal each other’s food. But that’s no challenge. It’s more fun to try to steal human food. Sometimes their food is nasty, so be sure to take a good sniff before you grab and go.

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Here are our questions:

How did you choose your human?

Have you ever sneaked outside?

What’s your favorite season?

Do you have any siblings of a different species (you may include humans)?

If you could only have one channel of Cat TV, what would it be?

What is your proudest moment?

Does your human have any habits that drive you crazy?

If you could only have one toy, what would it be?

Have you ever gotten even with someone after they got you in trouble/embarrassed you?

Have you been able to train your human to hunt?

Do you have a favorite hangout?

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And finally, a long-distance snuzzle and purr to our friends (in no particular order. Mom forgot to alphabetize them.)

We have more, but Mom made us stop. Purrs and cuddles to you all.

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The Versatile Blogger Award

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Cat: The editorial board (George and Lenny) and Snoops and Kommando allowed me to write this post myself.

I’ve been ambivalent about these awards for a while. I think they’re an awesome way for people to tell other bloggers how much they like their work.

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On the other hand, I am one of the most disorganized people you have ever met. The first time someone nominated me, I thought that was the end of the process. The second time, the person included instructions but I didn’t know enough bloggers to fill out that part of the award.

The third time I was nominated, I thought it was a cool award so I remembered to complete it. But then I had no idea how to make it appear on my blog. I tried the forums, but got a response along the lines of “WordPress does not create or distribute these awards.”

The fourth and fifth times, I had every intention of completing the nominations, but they got buried in my inbox. (You may have noticed that I am often up to a month behind reading your posts.) By the time I came upon them again, I was embarrassed to follow-up.

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Which brings us to today. I have been nominated for the Versatile Blogger by two bloggers, Purrseidon and The Planet According to Dom  within a couple of weeks of each other. It was also in the time range of reading a post from the tennis-loving cat Frazier at Frazier’s Racket which talked about how nice it was to be recognized by a fellow blogger. I’m sure it’s a sign. (Although the animals want to make sure everyone knows they do all the work.)

Step 1: Say who nominated you. See above.

Step 2: List 7 interesting facts about yourself. (Who’s defining interesting?)

  1. The editors are named after characters in Of Mice and Men.
  2. I talk to everything as if it understood me (surprise!) but only have ongoing conversations with animals. Mainly cats.
  3. I am afraid of birds.
  4. I broke a bone in my foot stepping off a curb in Manistee.
  5. My son almost drown in Lake Michigan when he was caught in a riptide.
  6. I can draw landscape fairly well.
  7. I have a Master’s Degree in Russian Studies. (Nope. Never used it professionally)


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Step 3: Nominate 15 blogs to receive this award.

  1. autistsix
  2. Bertie’s Blog
  3. Cattitude Chronicles
  4. Catwoods Porch Party
  5. Deziz World
  6. Feline Opines
  7. Hairballs and Hissyfits
  8. littlesilverhedgehog
  9. Marvelous is Marvelous
  10. Noir Kitty Mews
  11. Peacock Poetry
  13. samanthamurdochblog
  14. Three Chatty Cats
  15. 15 and Meowing

Note: I did not check your blogs to see if you are award free. 

Step 4: Notify the recipients that you have nominated them. No mention of hand-written notes. Blog comment it is.

Step 5: Someone please tell me how to get the picture on my blog

Word from the editors: We’ll be back in a couple of days with something more interesting. Involving animals.

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