Sgt Stripes Reporting for Duty

Hello, everyone! My name is Sgt Stripes, and I am the new cat in the house. I moved in three weeks ago after my surgery. They said they had to “fix” me. Pretty insulting if you ask me. I think they actually broke me. The doc said I was going to need a couple of weeks to recuperate fully. I was up and exploring by that night.

I was supposed to be separated from the lady cats (Snoops and Kommando) for two weeks while I healed and then introduced. It didn’t work out that way. I got loose after a couple of days and ran downstairs. I woke up Snoops. She was not pleased. I’ve never seen a cat that fluffy. She sounded really mad too.

Then I got out and met Kommando. I tried to walk up to her, but she ran away from me. She hid under the bed. I didn’t even get a chance to introduce myself. I hope she’s not really afraid of me. I didn’t chase her or anything. And I didn’t make any noise.

So they’ve been letting me stay upstairs during the day and in my room at night. I really like it here. I have my own full-size bed. They have a cat-size bed too, but I’m not sure who’s supposed to be staying in that one. They gave me some kind of blanket that warms up. I really like it since it’s gotten kinda cold. There are all kinds of places to jump on. And lots of windows to look out. But it’s kind of boring all by myself.

I have a big fish that I play with, but my favorite is something that Mom calls a “puffy.” I guess humans put soap in them and use them when they take a bath. It’s the perfect size for me to pull on the edges and use as a kick toy. Humans take weird baths. I thought water was just for drinking. I’ve discovered that I really like toilet paper. It shreds like crazy. It’s the perfect workout for my claws. For some reason, the humans don’t like having it all over the room.

The food is pretty good. I get wet food in the morning, and kibble at night. I haven’t seen any mice or voles on the menu yet. I’m hoping that I’ll get a shot at fresh meat soon. I tried some of my brother’s pasta today. Human food is fun, but some of it doesn’t taste very good.

The humans spend quite a bit of time with me. I like humans. They cuddle and pet me. I had to learn not to try to eat Mom though. She got really fussy when I tried gnawing on her arm. Head bonks seem popular. And humans are nice and warm! I like the computer too. But I haven’t figured out how to catch the animals in there.

I learned how to turn on the ceiling fan. The cord is long and I can pull it from my bed. The only problem is, that makes the room kind of cold. Mom said something about getting a different cord. I haven’t really had a chance to check out all the cool things on the top of the dresser yet.

I tried going downstairs again this evening. Snoops seemed okay with it. Not thrilled, but she stayed normal-size. Mom says tomorrow’s the day for the formal introduction. She’s going to bring in a huge catnip plant to distract the other cats. I’m going to have full run of the house. I can’t wait.


24 thoughts on “Sgt Stripes Reporting for Duty

  1. Sgt. Stripes, I am pleased to make your acquaintance! You seem a fine upstanding young mancat and I am certain Snoops and Commando will show you about to other parts of the house in good time, and assign you to your duties.

  2. So lovely, for a cat is the most beautiful thing to have a nice human family, Loved you so much, Blessing and Happiness to you all, Thank you, Love, nia

  3. It is a pleasure to meet you Sgt. Stripes. You are adorable. I am so glad you are doing well. I am sure your housemates will like you eventually. XO

  4. Well how lovely to meet you, Sgt. Stripes. Soundslike you have it made there. A full size bed plus lots of full size humnoids to play and cuddle with. Around here, the mice and moles etc are on a purely order in/takeaway basis. I’m guessing you’ll need to get to grips with a credit card first down your neck of the woods and set up a regular delivery, maybe. What happens if you get promotion to a lietenant? Would we call you Lieutenant Sgt. Stripes ?

    • Very nice to meet you. Thank you for telling me about delivery; no one had mentioned that. I hadn’t really thought about a promotion – I better ask my new Mom

  5. Mew mew mew St. stripess you are so ADOORBSS an full of energy!! Wee can ‘feel’ yore energy thru our Pee C!!!
    You sure landed on yore pawss….
    Hopefully Snoopss an Kommando will accept you…give them sum times….they not used to sharin their Hu’manss with anyone else 😉
    Have fun you cutie-pie!!
    **nose bonkss** BellaDharma an ((hugss)) BellaSita Mum

    Pee S: Do NOT claw or chew on Hu’manss! They not like that at all 😉

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