Have You Hugged Your Stuffie* Today?

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*For some reason, stuffed animals are referred to as stuffies in many places online.

Snoops: Mom read us The Velveteen Rabbit. All about a stuffed rabbit who was loved very much by a little boy. The rabbit told the story. It was pretty good.

Kommando: Yeah. Except for the creepy horse.

Snoops: What creepy horse?

Kommando: The skin-horse. The boy had a dead horse in his bedroom.

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Snoops: Moving right along, it made us wonder what the stuffed animals around here were thinking.

Kommando: We were going to interview them, but they wouldn’t let us.

Snoops: That’s because you tried to eat the tail off the opossum. And you tried to chew on a few others.

Kommando: He has a long tail. It looks like a toy.

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Snoops: So we went to Lexi, our interpreter and dog-around-town.

Kommando: They wouldn’t talk to her either.

Snoops: Apparently dogs tear stuffies to shreds.

Kommando: So we did a survey. The results are below:

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Biggest Fears

  1. Not being adopted
  2. Being chewed up

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  1. Being cuddled
  2. Sleeping in bed
  3. Clean, fluffy fur

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  1. Drool
  2. Bodily fluids
  3. Washing machines/dryers

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Additional Comments

“If you are going to put us on a shelf, take us off once in a while and fluff our fur. Otherwise we get dusty and don’t feel clean.”

“We really like being hand washed and fluffed dry.”

“Don’t make us sleep on the floor. We get stepped on.”

“Don’t let dogs get near us. They chew on us, rip us up, and don’t have any respect for us.”

“Clean us right away if your child (or you) gets something nasty on us.”

“We don’t like to wear perfume or cologne.”

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“We don’t mind losing our looks if it’s from being loved.”

“Thank you to everyone who takes us home and loves us.”

Snoops: Those all make sense.

Kommando: I guess I should find the opossum and apologize.




22 thoughts on “Have You Hugged Your Stuffie* Today?

  1. Love your blog today.I have stuffies also and try to keep them clean when I remember. Thank-you for making me smile today. Hugs and Purrs.

  2. Ahhh! Love this post! I loved my animals- never really liked dolls- and I still have a tiger and a panther from when I was a little girl! 😺💕xx

  3. Stuffies is a good name for them. I call them plushies, too. That was so-o thoughtful of you to interview them. I bet you are the first to do that & I’m sure they appurr-ciated the sentiment. The D-O-G gets a stuffy for every holiday. Sometimes she eats the innards! Mom has a bunch of her stuffies, from when she was little, stuffed in a container in her closet. Does your momma do that too?

  4. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaw Luv your foto at the bottom!!! That was mommy’s mostest favorite book ever. It had been a gift to her from an awnty. Her mommy threw it away o she doesn’t have it today, but she still ‘members it to this day. Big hugs

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Raena

  5. Charlie never chews stuffies, he carries them in his front paws or under his chin. He likes to keep stuffies on his unicorn with him so he can cuddle them when he is sleepy. Cherise never chews any stuffies at our house but she and the other two do at Grandma’s. If Charlie gets a new stuffie from Grandma he lies on it quickly so it won’t get hurt.

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