What’s Worse Than a New Cat in the House?

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Greetings, everyone. We, Snoops and Kommando Kitty, are welcoming our new brother Sgt Stripes to the blog because we are all in a terrible situation this weekend. We have been overrun by two small (13 months and 2 years), loud children. And we are not happy.

Snoops here. They arrived Thursday, and nothing seemed out of place. Our human sister brings them over once in a while. They stick around for a few hours, make a lot of noise, smell weird, and then go home. Then our sister and her husband left, but the rugrats stayed. I was pleasant and didn’t run away, but one of them tried to touch me. I am now watching from a distance.

Sgt Stripes reporting. I had a terrible night. The way it usually works is that I have the run of the upstairs house during the day. Then the humans spend time with me at night before I go to my room and Kommando (and maybe Snoops) sleeps with Mom. Last night, they brought up these two creatures. I’ve never seen anything like them before. I guess they’re miniature humans. But the one tried to CHASE me.

Cats That Think They Are The Masters At Hiding - I Can Has Cheezburger?

I was terrified. I love cuddling with the big humans, and have no problem letting them pick me up. But this creature was trying to grab me! And he was making a lot of noise. I hid under the bed. Later, the bigger one started crying. A lot. There was no way I was coming out. After they were finally asleep, the humans coaxed me out. But I refused to go in my room. That’s where they tried to grab me. At least they slept for a long time. They went back downstairs in the morning. But I think they’ll be back tonight.

Kommando here. Today was even worse than yesterday. Mom had them in the kitchen while she was doing the dishes. The little one unplugged our fountain and dumped the water. Mom didn’t think he could get to the cord. Now we have to drink out of a bowl until they leave. Our kibble and wet food can’t sit on the floor right now either unless we are being fed. One of them tried to eat it. When the little humans visit, their parents usually put a fence in place to keep them out of the kitchen. But the fence keeps me out too. (I’m not really a jumper.)

I tried to get cuddles while Mom was watching TV. But that little human was on the sofa with her. And he PETTED me. It was very traumatic. Now I’m with Snoops watching them from a distance.

Lolcats - tail - LOL at Funny Cat Memes - Funny cat pictures with words on them - lol | cat memes | funny cats | funny cat pictures with words on

We’re not sure how long they’re staying. Mom says a couple more days. That is a long time. Our eating is messed up. And our bedtime routines are scrambled. Mom says they’re trying to be friendly because they have kitties of their own. We’ve heard stories that our cousins Angel and Thunder even let them touch their tails. Not gonna happen here.

We don’t have much experience with small humans, but they smell even worse than big humans. Maybe because they’re down here on the ground with us. And sometimes they make a lot of noise. Mom tries to keep them quiet and entertained, but sometimes it doesn’t work and they cry. Really loud.

We thought it was tough trying to get used to other cats. This is a whole different animal.

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21 thoughts on “What’s Worse Than a New Cat in the House?

  1. If there was a “love beyond telling” I would use that today, instead of “like”. BOY do I EVER know. My human brother got married, and after a coupe of years, they had a baby human and when that baby human started CRAWLING. Next thing, he started tottering around. He 1. got into my litter box at every opportunity! 2. ATE MY KIBBLE! 3. THUMPED me thinking he was petting me. 4. He played in my big water dish, splashing with his hands! 5. He used and chewed on MY toys! Mom and his mother both held each other up laughing when I commenced eating the kibble . MY mom even took several videos of me doing that! She posted them on my blog (but- with my permission) back then. So, I feel your pain! LOVE that “Ready …Set….NO” at the end too.

  2. YIKES, and DOUBLE Yikes! Maybe seek hotel accomodation, chargeable onto the humans account/debit/credit card until those rats do depart. Honestly, rather than go through that all, a kitty hotel (I think they call it a ‘cattery’) is way better. Yellow pages or such like will reveal all you need to know. Hopefully the cat food they ate will put them off returning any time soon. Alternatively . . . .

  3. So Lovely this story of them, and I know this too because of my Big Men came to visit us… Cats and children… I love(d) your cat stories. Thank you, Love, nia

  4. OMC Angel Binky knew all about it, Snoops and Kommander Kitty, she said little twofeet brothers and sisters are so annoying. You can’t trust them…never ever…MOL… Ps my auntie and her girlfurriends ate the brekkies too. Her Granny kept them in a cookie jar and they took them without asking…MOL…Double Pawkissies from us to all of you🐾😽💞

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