Kitty Profiles on Prrrr

cats-cuddling-big - Pet Haven of Minnesota

We know a lot of you will be looking for love in the new year, so we thought that we would show you a few of the kitties currently on Prrrr, today’s hottest feline dating site.


19 Best Cat Toys and Supplies (2021): Scratchers, Window Perches, Etc |  WIRED

Life is too short not to love.

Purr Ons: cuddles, sun puddles, fluffy blankets

Purr Offs: baths, wet kisses,  vacuums


Straw Hat Cat | Know Your Meme

Grab life and roll around it in.

Purr Ons: warm grass, back rubs, good food

Purr Offs: running games, cold rain, head pats


Cute Cat posing kitty

Come explore with me.

Purr Ons: long walks, talking, massage

Purr Offs: whining, wet paws, cheap kibble


Hats For Cats

Did you see that?

Purr Ons: adventure, the red dot, fast toys

Purr Offs: rainy days, dirty windows, commitment


Gravis, Part-Time 8-Bit Toaster on Twitter: "i have felt for many years  that there is nothing more satisfying and correct than a cat with a fish in  its mouth" / Twitter

I’m an even bigger catch than this fish

Purr Ons: running games, fishing, the red dot

Purr Offs: too much talking, baths, staying inside


Young cat posing | Cat pose, Cats, Fur babies

Life is an adventure. Share it with me.

Purr Ons: traveling, talking, cuddling

Purr Offs: loud noises, timid cats, being ignored


130 Funny Cat Poses ideas | cats, crazy cats, cute cats

Been looking for love in all the wrong places.

Purr Ons: cuddling, massages, chasing the red dot

Purr Offs: being locked in, teases, bad weather


Cool cat | Fancy cats, Hipster cat, Cute baby cow

Chill and enjoy life’s ride

Purr Ons: sun puddles, warm fireplaces, cuddles

Purr Offs: bad fashion, bad moods, bad food

The first 30 days on Prrrr is free. Why not check it out?

Two Cuddling Cats | Cat cuddle, Cats, Cute animals

Pictures courtesy of Google Images

20 thoughts on “Kitty Profiles on Prrrr

  1. Made my morning! Me and Mom have been doing it alllll wrong! Thank you for visiting us. It was a pleasure to see you.

  2. Well, looks like there’s a mate for all sorts, all reasons and all seasons. Good to see nobody was prepared to give up good food for love. Though nobody mentioned love of field sports or mice! Alas, clearly that site isnt for me.

  3. Brody man cat you sure got THE movess like Jagger!!!!!
    An Mikey wee sure share THE same ‘purrss on’ an ‘purrss off’!
    An Phinneas you are like THE kewlest cat…like Mistur John Lennon kewl ….far out……..
    An Raphael you sound alot like mee….butt mee iss too old fore you….if mee were younger… **sighss** Yore eyess are beeuteefull……

    “What BellaSita Mum?”
    “NOSE mee NOT on Prrrr…mee jsut reeedin Snoopss an Kommando’ss bloggie post…”

    Whew that WAS close!
    ***nose bopss*** BellaDharma

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