Thunder Katt: Snacks from the Human Side

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Snoops and Kommando here. Mom’s brain has decided to take a summer break. Fortunately for us, cousin Thunder was able to come to the rescue and give us this yummy post. Thanks, Thunder!

Greetings friends, both furry and non furry alike! Thunder Katt here, and today I’m doing a sort of follow up to my tummy facts blog. I’m here to outline some nutrition facts and tips on human foods favored by me and my sisters, Angel and Onyx. If you have a favorite human treat that isn’t listed, just know that means two things: you have a wonderful palate, and the calories don’t count, so eat as much as you want! (Ed. Note: Thunder is exaggerating. Please snack responsibly.)

Please also note that while all three of us love dairy, including cheese, ice cream and whipped cream, there aren’t many benefits to cats eating dairy products. Due to lack of helpful information, dairy products have been left off the list. We also left off meats and fish, since most cats enjoy these as we are obligate carnivores. 


As many of you may know by now, a preferred Thunder treat is lettuce! I like iceberg the best, but have also been known to chow down on butter lettuce, romaine lettuce, and leafy things that look like lettuce, such as kale. Lettuce can actually help hydrate and cool you down in the hot summer months. Lettuce also has vitamins A and C, which helps with our furs and vision, along with a small amount of iron and folate for overall health. Some lettuce also has potassium, which again helps with our vision. There is a small amount of calcium in lettuce, which can be converted into crude fats in cats. Just make sure you don’t get too much calcium (generally not a risk from eating lettuce), as it can cause deposits in your fatty stores that will eventually make you sick. 


All three of us have been known to eat butternut squash (it’s a favorite food for the human kitten, so we seem to have a lot of it). Before enjoying this food, be warned that it is orange and will stain furs that are lighter in hue (like my white chest and tummy) so proceed with caution if eating squash in puree form. Squash is generally relatively bland by itself, making it ideal for cats with more sensitive tummies. While you can sweeten up squash with brown sugar or butter, it tastes just as good plain. This superfood actually provides all of your key vitamins, including A, C, K, and magnesium. It also provides vitamin E, folate, and B vitamins. While all of these vitamins provide benefits to cats in small amounts, don’t overdo the squash; our bodies are not meant to process a lot of magnesium and vitamin B in one sitting. However, since you would need over a cup of squash to reach these levels in an eight-pound cat, I say there isn’t much need to worry, and feast away on some squash cubes or puree! 


I discovered grapes for the first time about a week ago. They’re wonderful! Not only are they small enough to bat around, they’re cool, which helps with the summer heat. They come on a cool stem/vine that you can chew on (Mom won’t let me do this, but when she isn’t looking it’s fun)! You can pounce in the bag they arrive in for hunting practice. And, best of all for our health, in addition to carbs and protein, grapes also have an abundance of vitamins A, C, and K, as well as thiamine. They also provide a small amount of iron and calcium. I would definitely give grapes a try if you haven’t already. 


Cherries are actually not really recommended for cats, since they are considered a stone fruit due to the pits. These puts not only prevent a choking hazard, but we cannot digest the pit if ingested. However, Angel keeps licking the meat of the fruit, which seems to be okay (she typically only gets one or two; we don’t want to risk making her sick). Assuming you avoid the pit and stem, cherries can benefit cats by offering the typical vitamins (A, C, and K), along with magnesium, calcium, and antioxidants. These sound like a great idea when your human brings home the office cold and wants to snuggle right up with you! 


Another Angel recommended food is oatmeal, especially mixed with applesauce. Be very careful if trying this food, as oatmeal is hot and it’s very easy to burn our noses. While oatmeal by itself is bland, you can flavor it very easily (like with applesauce, vanilla, or another flavor of your choosing). The benefits of oatmeal include magnesium and thiamine. Just make sure to eat it before it dries to the dish, and be warned of its sticky nature, as it can get stuck in your furs and whiskers. 


Our humans insist on buying the unsweetened stuff (yuck!) since the human kitten eats it as his nighttime snack, but Angel doesn’t seem to mind it. I think she likes the cool, thick consistency of it. Avoid the cinnamon applesauce, as cinnamon is not always agreeable with the digestive tracts of cats. If you choose this Angel recommended treat, know that you are also getting vitamins A, B, C, K, and magnesium, as well as calcium. Apples are fairly high in sugar, so it’s best to limit your intake on this (even if you do get the yucky- I’m sorry, unsweetened-) sauce.

Oat milk

This is definitely another Angel treat! I was so disappointed when I was told my human kitten couldn’t tolerate cow’s milk, so we had to start buying oat milk. We buy the vanilla flavored milk, so I guess Angel finds it tolerable. Like dairy based milk, you don’t want to gouge yourself on this, as there are proteins in there that cats have a hard time with, and a lot of calcium. However, if you do find yourself lapping up a little oat milk, know you’re getting vitamins A, K, and D, as well as iron, fiber and riboflavin. Again, be warned of the calcium content in this drink, and enjoy sparingly. 


The one human food Onyx has ventured to try is a quinoa chip. I myself happen to enjoy corn and tortilla chips, and Angel and I both enjoy the flavored chips, such as pizza, spicy, and sour cream. Overall, chips are not healthy, and should be enjoyed on rare occasions as a treat. However, since you’re already indulging on chips, might I recommend you try nachos? These cheesy, meaty chips are absolutely wonderful! 


Angel started eating popcorn the day she came home from the shelter. This crunchy treat is best for us if it’s low in salt and oil. Some benefits of non salty, non oily popcorn include vitamins A, B, and E. Be careful to chew this thoroughly to avoid choking, and have your human remove all kernels prior to eating. 


I discovered the joy of Club Crackers the other day. They’re a bit difficult to eat, as they’re so flat, but the salty, baked cracker taste was definitely worth the difficulty of dragging it away and eating. Again, be sure to chew these all the way through so you don’t choke. While enjoying your cracker, note that you are also getting vitamins B and C, though not much else; eat as a dessert or as an occasional snack. 

I do know some kitties, my cousin Snoops included, enjoy sweets. And I’m sure you each have a unique treat you enjoy for yourselves. Keep trying new things, and hopefully you find some new treats to enjoy. But also remember that if something your human offers you is yucky and below standards, it is more than acceptable to stick your nose up, flick your tail and stroll away. They’ll learn eventually. Keep munching and crunching away!

Furs and purrs,

Thunder Katt

25 thoughts on “Thunder Katt: Snacks from the Human Side

    • Lettuce is delicious! Although many people and cats find it odd that I enjoy it, Mom finds it amusing and keeps talking about it. I’m hoping to find more “odd” treats in the future!
      -Thunder K. Katt

      • I guess there are far worse things to like. My previous cat, Luther, was awful. I used to give him all sorts of rubbish to teach him a lesson for begging/pestering whilst I cooked, and he would eat it. 🤣

    • I will pass your request along to Angel- she is definitely the sweet loving kitty in the house!
      -Thunder K. Katt

  1. Hi!🐾😸 Sassabella and Sterling here! Glad to know most of what we like is ok, though unsure about grapes. Our kit mate got choked on one once! Whew! He’s ok, but you might consider cutting them up. Also.. Question. We both like oats, but dry. We love the texture! They should still be good to eat aren’t they? Sassy can’t tolerate her food being too wet, and personally, soggy oats are just, well, gross!😸
    Great job on the article Thunder!Check ya later!😸🐾❤🐯

    • That is excellent advice on the grapes, and I will make sure my human cuts them up properly from now on. Thank you for bringing it to my attention! As far as the oats, yes, dry should be fine. There are definitely some textures that are more appealing than others, definitely choose the best option for you!
      -Thunder K. Katt

    • That is very good to know- thanks for the article! I will stick to batting them around, and leave the consuming for humans!
      -Thunder K. Katr

  2. Mee-yow wow what an amazin list Thunder Katt!! Mee likess to nibble on cheezy crackurss! Mee likess to nibble on anythin CHEEEEZY!!
    An mee doess like a bit of yogurt efurry so offen; blueberry iss mee faverite.
    Mee msut give lettuce a try next time LadyMew bringss sum home!
    Mee likess peass….so did mee Grate Grate Grate aunty Simpson. Shee used to have peass mushed up inn her wet food….
    Thanx fore a grate post Thunder.
    **purrss** BellaDharma

    • I haven’t tried peas yet, but I’ll definitely have to give them a try! And cheesy things are definitely great! Definitely try the lettuce- it’s delicious!
      -Thunder K. Katt

      • Mew mew mew mee gotta try lettuce fore sure!
        Did mee efurr menshun ‘amgelss’ Unkell Siddhartha an Grate Aunty Mingflower used to hide inn Fridge to play ‘Hide an Seek” with LadyMew yeerss ago 🙂

    • Fridges make the best hiding spots- they’re not a common place to look, and there’s food in there!
      -Thunder K. Katt

  3. Our boys don’t like most human food except, of course, chicken and cheese. They also love whipped cream but I don’t like giving that to them too much because you can’t get it without added sugar. I do give them a very small amount of organic heavy cream in the morning when I put it in my coffee.

    • The heavy whip sounds delicious- unfortunately, my humans have switched to mostly dairy free alternatives, so I’ll be missing out on that, sadly. However, chicken and cheese are classic pleasers- good choices!
      -Thunder K. Katt

      • I use coconut milk because I think regular milk is bad for you but I think also that most of the bad things in milk are in the proteins and since heavy cream is mostly fat that is not an issue. I buy organic because toxins are stored in the fat and organic cows are less toxic.

  4. Nice post Thunder. My Sammy loves corn on the cob and not for the butter because I don’t use butter on my corn.. The rest like ice cream and whipped cream. XO

    • I’ve never tried corn, but it looks interesting! I’ll have to give it a lick the next time it’s available!
      -Thunder K. Katt

  5. Might try lettuce in my cats’ water. If you consider the fact that they chew grass, it isn’t so far fetched. I’ve recently read that cats cannot taste sweet. I don’t know how they know.

    • I like to believe the inability to taste sweet is more of a myth, as I know two cats who love sweets, and several cats who like sweeter dairy but not regular dairy. Each cat has to be unique, or it would be boring! Hopefully the lettuce goes well- I prefer it to grass (and some cheeses)!
      -Thunder K. Katt

  6. I’m mostly a protein eater myself, but my brother Salem will steal any corn left unattended!! He’s a nut for corn. Great advice guys!! Just don’t forget the importance of a good tuna treat.

  7. thunder; haz ya ever tried oat meel and tuna ore oat meel and trout…..

    we haz knot either act shoo a lee…. but it doez sound good 🙂

    heerz two a nice time off snoops and kommando; see ya soon ♥♥

    • I have not, but both sound delicious, and I will try both dishes ASAP! Thanks for the ideas!
      -Thunder K. Katt

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