Broken Routine –> Chaos

Everyone knows that we cats love our routines. Ours wasn’t perfect, but we were content. Now Mom has ruined it. She’s having an attack of some kind of nerve condition that won’t let her eat or talk. If she can’t eat, she can’t work. (We know. Usually people say they have to work to eat. She’s weird.)


She works overnight, so she’d feed us when she got home. No worries, right? She’s home, so the feeding stays the same. Wrong, She sleeps different hours now because of the medicine she’s taking, so no one can keep track of breakfast time. We’re pretty sure she’s trying to skimp on us though.


After we ate, the three of us would hang out on the sofa for a couple of hours while she did computer stuff. Then we’d all go up to bed. Now she can’t lie flat, so she has to sleep on the sofa. She’s downstairs ALL THE TIME. We’ve lost all our bed-warmer time. And the three of us can’t sleep comfortably on the sofa.

Our human brother would make dinner. Mom says he’s a really good cook. We’re not sure what she’s using to measure that. When Mom cooked we got to share meat and fish. He cooks with something called lentils a lot. They are NOT meat or fish. He uses quite a bit of chicken. But he cooks it in weird stuff.

It’s gotten worse since Mom can’t eat. It’s all mushy, soupy stuff. And the chicken is too small to pick out. More proof we’re starving because she can’t eat.

After dinner, the three of us would take a nap before she went to work. Now she goes back to the sofa and plays on her computer.

Our lives are a mess!

Ed. Note: Cat’s having an attack of trigeminal neuritis.It’s nothing serious despite the cats’ feelings about their situation.

39 thoughts on “Broken Routine –> Chaos

  1. Poor mom we hope you feel better soon. I guess you will have to put up with change for a wee while before you know you will be tucking into chicken.🍗 x😻💖🐾

  2. Oh I hope hope your mom gets better very soon. You poor kitties are really going through it. Bless your hearts. And hey, lentils are delicious, MY mom says. What good is her opinion? No good at all. XX
    Katie isabella

  3. Wow, you guys are doing a great job taking care of your human. What would she do without you? I hope she gets better soon. Keep up the good work and I’m sure she will reward you when she’s feeling better. Purrs all around.

  4. Mee-yow oh no Snoopss an Lommando this iss so furry sad!! Yore poor Meowmy…that trygeminal Neuralgeea iss not nice@@LadyMew’ss ‘dopted Ssiter has that an it has messed her up…
    Mee iss sendin dubbell POTP to yore Meowmy an hope meddycation will werk fore her.
    An mee has to meow “Lentilss????” UCKY!!!!!!
    Thanxfully LadyMew doess NOT like them eether. Mee hopess you get lotsss of foodabullss…maybee yore Hu’man Neffew cuud buy you sumthin speshell???
    Wee send ❤ ❤ an **purrss** an purrayerss an white lite of healin…..
    BellaDharma an LadyMew

  5. Unfortunately you are going to have to suck up the terrible conditions because the more you help Cat the faster she will get better and return to looking after you properly. But lentils, LENTILS are not appropriate for anyone, except maybe gerbils. That situation must be stopped for all your sakes.
    And tell your human “Get well soon,” from us, put it as an order if that helps.

  6. Snoops and Kommando; sorree yur mom iz feelin like …soundz…like…splitz…..N we hope herz like 1000000000000000000000 purrcent better soooper fast……ewe noe, thiz wood bee a good time ta ask for her CHARGE CARD NUMBER; just in case ya knead to buy sum canned goodz and toyz……sorree, uh…we meen…pay her billz 😉 !! ♥♥♥

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