Who Says Cats are Finicky Eaters?y

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You’ve all heard humans say that it’s so hard to find something that kitty likes to eat. Or that kitty used to eat (whatever) food all the time, but now she won’t touch it. Or kitty will only eat one variety of a certain brand.

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We would like to suggest that maybe kitty isn’t the problem. Maybe it’s the food. Would most humans like to eat the same food every day.? Do most humans like diet food? Do most humans appreciate it when someone else changes their diet?

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Most humans know that cats are obligate carnivores , and we have to get some essential nutrients from meat. Commercial cat food is prepared to be the most balanced diet available for cats. But that doesn’t mean that we wouldn’t enjoy a healthy treat once in a while.

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A lot of kitties like the occasional veggie snack. Particularly popular are spinach, pumpkin, peas, and green beans. Cats can also have asparagus and broccoli, but it must be steamed before it is served. We don’t have any teeth to grind the fibers in them. They do make excellent toys.

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Do you have a yen for something a little different? Fruit is an excellent choice for a treat. Fruit-loving cats usually like apples, bananas, blueberries, cantaloupe, and peaches. Just because we can’t taste sweet flavors doesn’t mean we won’t enjoy fruit. Maybe it’s the weird skin.

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A few other foods that some of our furry relatives like are eggs, oatmeal, cheese, and bread. Remind Uncle Leo that his human should only serve him cooked eggs. Scrambled and hard-boiled are good options.

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A lot of us are sensitive to dairy products, so cheese is not always recommended. However, for the rest of us it can be an extremely yummy treat.

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If some of these snacks sound good, tell your human. Humans can be extremely difficult to communicate with sometimes. If they don’t get the message the first time, keep trying.

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28 thoughts on “Who Says Cats are Finicky Eaters?y

  1. Our very loved Robin, our 6 pound Tortie who raised three boys for me, ate corn, peas, and scrambled eggs. Her breakfast, besides her cat food on Sunday, was a helping of scrambled eggs along with the rest of us. Some suppers had her with a tiny bit of roasted turkey, some peas and some corn if we were having that. Tiny helpings.

  2. Because of his problems, Louis Catorze tends to have the same food continuously. He is allowed the odd bit of jambon de Bayonne and, erm, medium-rare fillet steak, but not much else. He hasn’t had Dreamies for about 18 months.

  3. guyz….ya noe; a few fresh lee catched perch bloo gil N trout make tastee snax all sew…cuzin boomer ♥♥♥♥ LOVED hiz butter….thatz sorta kinda all most like cheez…may bee !!! heerz two a grate week a head 🙂 ☺☺

  4. MMMM tastey bloggie post Snoops an Kommando!
    Mee REELLY lovess mee Pumpkin Jack Splash Weruva wet food…iss so-o guud! An even tho mee not fussy on Chick-hen mee WILL eat Pumpkin Lickin Chick-hen….
    Mee allso likess a bit of Babybel GOUDA Cheeze ’cause it iss furry Guuda!!! Mew me wme w..
    Mee allso enjoyss Blueberry Yoghurt….
    LadyMew told mee to meow to youss’ her ferst kitty girl Simspin LOVED smashed up peass inn her wet food. So efurry mew cat Ladymew has had shee offurss smashy peass…mee not fussy on them….now show mee a Cheezey an mee will know what to do with it!! 😉
    Thanx for stoppin bye an vissint mee. Yore THE bestest!
    ***purrss*** BellaDharma

  5. Cats are wonderful animals. And this is the first time I’m reading a post written from the point if view of a cat. Tell your humans. That’s where you got me! I’m following you 😹😹

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