A Picture is Worth Ten (or so) Words

Hello Humans (and Others) –

Snoops and Kommando here. Mom has been having a lot of trouble with her hands because of the carpal tunnel. We can’t find it on a map, so don’t bother asking. We thought that we would help out. We know what short attention spans humans have, and we didn’t want you to forget about us. (We know we’re more popular than she is.)

Anyway, this typing thing is a lot of work with paws, so we wanted to have as few words as possible. We noticed that several of the cats on WordPress use pictures with words. Some of the cats call them memes. Probably don’t understand that it should be spelled me-me so that everyone knows it’s about cats.

We decided that we are as clever as those cats. (Some of them must be written by humans because they’re not really funny.) So we have written our own captions.

All of the pictures are from Cheezburger. Don’t bother going there looking for ground meat – the title is very misleading.


“I’m not letting him out until he tells me where he hid the catnip.”


“Maybe Fluffy has forgiven me by now and will let me back into the house.”


“I wish they’d get me takeout more often.”


“If she’d just let me go for a minute, I bet I could get all the dogs barking at once.”


“I said, no pictures!”


“Maybe it’s time to think about getting glasses.”


“You didn’t tell me it was cold and sticky!”


We hope you liked our pictures. If we do this again, we’re going to use the me-mes. All this thinking is too much work.

Snoops and Kommando Sleeping_05292015

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