The Big Catnap: A Kommando Kitty Thriller – Part 2

The story so far: After Mom’s new catnip was found strewn across the porch in a mess of potting soil and shattered dreams, Kommando Kitty, Purrivate Investigator is on the case. But despite her super sleuthing, she has yet to discover the perpetrator. When last we saw her, what looked like her own fur had just been discovered at the scene of the crime, prompting her partner and sister, Snoops, to go back inside for a nice nap. Now it’s up to our plucky hero to crack the case and clear her name. You can read Part 1 here.

As I watched Snoops slink away, I pushed the doubts from my mind and got ready for the stakeout. I knew the only way to get through to her would be to find the real culprit, since Snoops had never acquired my own unshakable faith in myself, for some reason. I found a nice spot on a window ledge overlooking the porch and settled in.

Something that detective stories never tell you though, is that stakeouts are really, really boring. After the first hour of waiting, my paws started to fall asleep. After the next hour, the rest of me was catching up. After FOUR HOURS (that’s ONE WHOLE CAT in paws, for the mathematically-inclined), I was almost ready to give up hope, but that’s when Lady Luck came a-knocking on my door.

While I was wondering whether the ants on the porch or the hours of the stakeout were crawling by more slowly, I suddenly caught a flash of movement on the sidewalk. A huge, burly young tomcat was stalking up toward the house, practically radiating evil intent [Editor’s Note: the cat in question might weigh seven pounds. Might.] Not wanting things to take an ugly turn, I sprang into action, throwing myself in front of the intruder.

“Stop, in the name of the law!”

Aaah! What’s going on? Who are you?”

“Paying dumb, huh? Well, nobody’s dumber than… wait… uh, hang on…”


“Nevermind, I’m asking the questions here! Who are you, and why did you mercilessly destroy Mom’s catnip?”

“I asked first. And I didn’t do anything to any catnip, anyway. Are you okay? You’re acting kinda weird.”

“And you’re acting very suspicious! Wait a minute… Do I know you? You seem familiar.”

“Well, I grew up here…”

“Hang on…” I squinted at the interloper, “you’re my good-for-nothing sister’s kid! Sergeant Stripes!” My sister and I had never seen eye to eye, ever since I’d managed to make it big.

“Hey! Good-for-nothing? You’re not very nice.”

“Don’t play coy with me! You two are trying to frame me for your crimes, that’s why you planted my fur in the catnip pot! She was always jealous of me! Well, it isn’t going to work. Now that I’ve unraveled your nefarious scheme, Mom’s finally going to stop putting food out for you, and I’m going to be back to my usual spot as #1 cat around here! [Editor’s Note: this is a spot Kommando shares with Snoops]

“Uh… I really don’t know what you’re talking about. How long were you laying in that sunpuddle for?”

“I was doing a stakeout! And now I’ve caught you. That means you have to tell me all the bad stuff you did. So stop stalling and spill the beans! Sheesh, haven’t you ever seen any detective movies? How do you explain this?” I finished triumphantly, thrusting the incriminating furs in his face.

“Seen any whats? Look, I’m still not really sure what’s going on, but if you’re mom’s sister, then you should know that she’s been napping in that catnip. That’s probably where that fur came from. Now, can I get back to my snack?”

“So she IS the perpetrator!”

“…look, I’m guessing you and mom don’t get along well, since we haven’t met before, and I think I can see why. But she didn’t knock over the catnip. It’s her favorite new bed, why would she?”

“I’ve never understood why anyone does anything, I’m just a detective. But that doesn’t mean she didn’t do it. Maybe it was a crime of passion.”

“Would you trash your own bed?”

“Well… no. But this is my only lead!”

“…I’m going back to my kibble.” With that, he turned away, with all the inscrutability of an Egyptian sphinx. The statue kind, not the hairless kind. They’re weird. I stared hard at his back, but he didn’t waver. Maybe his story was actually true. It did put me in a bind, though. Who actually did smash the catnip?

So that’s how I ended up sitting under the bed, with a thunderstorm hammering at the windows, trying to figure out what had actually happened. As I lay there frustrated, I heard the rain start to slow. I made my way up to my perch by the window, staring forlornly out at the row of pots sitting below, mocking me. Then, out of nowhere, it hit me.

“Snoops!” I ran toward my partner, elated, “I know who knocked over the catnip!”

“Of course you do, it was your fur in the pot. Are you done playing detective?”

“That wasn’t my fur, it was my sister’s! And I didn’t knock over the pot, it was that big, ugly possum out there!” I exclaimed, pointing at the possum in question.”

“Big, ugly…?” Snoops slowly turned, eyes widening in surprise as she beheld the uninvited guest helping himself to the cat food Mom had put out for my sister and her pack of strays. “…Huh. I’ll bet you’re right. Congrats on cracking the case, detective.”

I purred happily. “I couldn’t have done it alone, partner!” (I just had, but Snoops likes to feel included. She’s a little insecure, and gets jealous easily.)

So that’s the whole story. Mom had to repot the catnip another time, after it got dug out again, and now she’s just started keeping it up on the railing, where it’s harder to get at. To make amends for her false accusation, Snoops gave me a bath. After that, I finally got back to that catnip mouse and my soft, fluffy new bed. Another mystery solved by Kommando Kitty, Purrivate Investigator!


31 thoughts on “The Big Catnap: A Kommando Kitty Thriller – Part 2

  1. What a story… what a thriller! I didn’t plant catnip this year. Jimi wasn’t really interested in the plants last year. Mr. Bowie loved to hang around in the catnip plants.

    • Thanks, we work hard for our devoted followers! We know any of you would die for us, so it’s important to give back. Maybe Jimi is more of a silvervine kind of a cat? We’re still waiting for Mom to bring our catnip inside.

    • Have your people call my humans, and they can get you the details on my pricing. They can give you the number of our local fish market, plus our address.

    • You have my sympathies. Just the other day, Mom was talking about how frustrating it is when you keep getting woken up by furry nighttime visitors. She seemed really mad about it too, although I can’t figure out who she was mad at.

    • Ooh, good advice. We’ll have to have our human design some for us. Thanks! When we’re richer and more famous, we promise we won’t forget about you!

  2. You make a great private investigator, Kommando Kitty, and I think that possum is just to cute and completely nipped out, I suppose😺Thank You for bringing comfort on my Little Binky’s passing. It’s good to know that she had so many friend💗 Thank You! Pawkisses from Heaven to you all…and so lovely to see you all too today🐾😽✨

    • Mom always says that Critter was a better emotional support cat than me or Snoops, so we’re glad we we able to help ❤ Make sure you tell her she's wrong! Purrs and Headbonks!

  3. ***apawss apawss*** Kommando Kitty an Snoopss Purrivate Innvestigaturss!! You did mahvelluss you two! An to think Stripess was partly reesponsibell. Possumss are funny critterss; they seem to get inn trouble not mattur what they due!
    Well dun!
    ***nose rubss*** BellaDharma an ((hugss)) BellaSita Sistur

    • Thanks, BellaDharma! You’re almost as marvelous as we are! Although I kinda feel bad for the possum now. I know what it’s like to get in trouble no matter what, it’s like when I have insomnia, and no matter how I try and get rid of it (walking back and forth, aerobics in bed, getting up to get a drink of water, adjusting to get more comfortable in bed, etc), Mom gets mad at me. Purrs and headbonks!

  4. Kudos on the excellent sleuthing detective Kommando Kitty! One suggestion though, always assume a stakeout is going to be longer and more boring than anticipated so be sure and pack lots of treats and tous.
    Purrs & Head Bonks,

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