Snoops and Kommando: Our Really Awful, Truly Terrible Week

Greetings. Snoops and Kommando Kitty here. We hope everyone is well. We are not contented kitties at the moment. You would think with spring FINALLY starting to show some signs of life that things would be good. However, all is not kibbles and tuna steak.

First, our felines cousins visited a week ago. Our human sister went on vacation with her family and left them here. You know three of them: Angel, Onyx, and Thunder. They went home on Easter Sunday. At least, they were scheduled to go home on Sunday. Three of them arrived the Tuesday before Easter. It was supposed to be all four, but one refused to cooperate and had to come separately on Wednesday. That would be Gypsy.

We love family as much as the next cat. Meaning that we love our family – just the way it is. When the cousins visit, Mom lets us have the upstairs where she sleeps, and the visitors get downstairs. It’s not too bad, except THEY HAVE HALF OUR HOUSE. Snoops got down the second day. After that, a couple of them spent the rest of the time in the basement. Mom was not pleased.

At this point we should mention that the boiler went out the last week of March and we didn’t have any heat. The space heaters were downstairs, so we got the bed warmer. But it was still cold. Mom thinks we grew some extra fur to compensate. We still had cold feet. We were not happy cats.

FINALLY, Sunday got here and our human sister was supposed to pick up our visitors. They corralled three of the kitties fairly easily. Once again Angel, Onyx, and Thunder were pretty cooperative. Kudos to Onyx who was the easiest to wrangle.

Then they tried to find Gypsy. No one had seen her since she made a beeline downstairs directly downstairs following her arrival. Someone had been eating the food they were putting downstairs, so we were pretty sure she was OK. It’s an old farmhouse with lots of places to hide.

Finally, our sister gave up and went home WITHOUT her cat. That’s right. We have an intruder in our home. She’s here at least until Sunday. Snoops has seen her a couple of times and hissed at her, but the humans still don’t know where she’s hanging out. But she’s eating well, so they’re not really worried.

Back to the heat. Mom stayed home on Monday which was pretty pawsome. It was really cold that day. (It snowed 2 inches!) But then we found out why she was home. Human intruders came to FINALLY fix the heat.There were three of them, and they had to invade our space upstairs to put something on the wall. We couldn’t go downstairs for the entire day.

Then they came back Tuesday. The house was really cold Tuesday because they kept letting the outside air in. Mom worked from home, and she wouldn’t let us participate in the staff meeting or anything. We would have been a big improvement over the people who were running the meeting.

At long last, the strange humans left, and we had a warm house! Hooray! Now we just have to find the extra cat and convince her to go home. Wish us luck!

17 thoughts on “Snoops and Kommando: Our Really Awful, Truly Terrible Week

  1. Oh that really IS a bad bad horrible terrible awful week~ and it is still going on in that Gypsy is still at large!!! BUT you have heat, and that is golden!

  2. OMC yore rite!!! It WAS a ruff an pawfull an terrybell week fore you Snoopss an Kommando! Mee so sorry!
    Iss one thing to have yore Couzinss stay over….at leest they were well beehaved…Angel Onxy an Thunder…
    Gypsy iss another story. There iss allwayss 1 cat inn efurry cloburr rite? 😉
    BellaSita Mum new a cat named Gypsy an shee acted JUST LIKE yore Couzin!!!
    Wee hope Gypsy will surrendur an go home peecefullee.
    An wee can emagine how chilly cold youss’ all were! Wee still ahve chilley tempss ehre an wet snow!!!

  3. snoops and kommando; familee iz grate.. huh… til they due knot leeve… tho noe offenze two onyx, angel, thunder and gypsy…. coz we bee friendz with them two…. 🙂

    anyway, 984 PAWZ UP for heet, we had that happenz in decemburr…YEOW

    and may bee if ewe put out sum fresh seered tuna.. gypsy will come outta hidin…then again her mite stay 😉 ♥♥

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