Cat Forum: Fleas and Indoor Cats

Snoops: Mom has been feeling like a bad cat mom recently. In all of her years of living with cats (including her first cat who went outside regularly), she had never experienced fleas. So when I started scratching, Mom assumed it was my usual winter dry skin. After a bit, Mom was horrified to discover fleas!

Kommando: Of course, fleas are nasty little things, and by that time, they were all over poor Snoops. She had to get bathed and treated.

Snoops: And combed and combed and combed.

Kommando: I got treated too. It was pretty unfair, all things considered.

Snoops: So we thought that we would share a couple of things about indoor cats and fleas.

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Generally speaking, there are four ways indoor cats can get fleas:

  • Neighbors – You know those noisy humans living in the next apartment? Their pets might have fleas. Or maybe the humans do.
  • Fur Siblings – If you live with a dog that goes outside, they might bring in fleas. Or any other critter that comes in from the great outdoors.
  • Used Furniture – That great new chair from the thrift shop might have some unwanted guests. It might even happen if there are fleas in the carpet when your family moves into a new place.
  • Wild Animals – Any warm-blooded animal that is outside is susceptible to fleas. If they have fleas, the fleas will eventually have eggs that may be dropped off somewhere outside the house. When the fleas grow up, they can jump on your humans and get a ride into the house.

Snoops: As near as Mom can tell, I got my fleas from one (or more) of the mice I caught. They come in from outside and set up shop. I get rid of them when I find them, but I guess one got even with me.

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The signs of flea infestation:

  • non-stop scratching
  • spots of hair/fur loss
  • skin irritation
  • excessive grooming
  • loss of energy and pale gums from anemia
  • black specks in the fur or bedding

Snoops: The worst part was that I lost a lot of my thick fur around my throat. I could have frozen to death this winter.

Kommando: Yeah. By the time it grew back, you were getting spring fur.

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Once a cat has fleas, both the cat and the house need to be treated. Fleas love to hide and lay their eggs in the carpet or any soft surface. Your vet can tell you which treatment is best for you. Treatments include:

  • flea powders
  • flea sprays
  • flea collars
  • spot flea treatments
  • oral medication
  • injections

Kommando: And lots of grooming with a flea comb. Flea combs get out the fleas, their eggs, their dirt, and the extra dead skin they cause on kitties.

Snoops: All that grooming actually feels pretty good.

Kommando: It took a while, but Snoops is back to looking pretty spiffy.

Snoops: Why, thank you!

Kommando: So remember: If you see any of the signs of fleas, make sure your human helps you groom with a flea comb. Better to be over-cautious than let the little monsters take over.

Snoops: It’s a lot easier to get rid of them before they’ve had a chance to spread.


22 thoughts on “Cat Forum: Fleas and Indoor Cats

  1. Several times, Vet techs brought them in when they were caring for one of my cats while I was gone on a trip. They got the on-the-neck-serum treatment Worked immediately. There were dead fleas everywhere and when the ones in the carpet bit the cat, they died as well. Constant vacuuming and the flea treatment at the neck took care of it

  2. We’ve been through fleas before and it was so bad my cats even shared them with me. I had flea bites all over my legs not good. I will say flea bombs don’t work.

  3. Our cats get fleas occasionally, probably because Frankie goes out for a walk sometimes. A few years ago, Puck started overgrooming and licked a bald spot in his fur. We brought him to the vet, twice, but they did not see any fleas and were not able to help. Finally, we brought him to another vet who said he could be allergic to flea bites while not actually having a flea infestation. He also said our flea medication no longer works in Florida and gave us something different. That did the trick and Puck’s fur was back in a month or so.

  4. EEEEKKKKKK!!!!! Snoopss an Lomando what am ordeel fore both of youss; an yore Meowmy!!! These fleass due happen….they are so sneeky….
    You both look lovelee aftur yore bathss an treetmentss an brushin..
    Bee gone ucky fleass!!!
    **purrss** BellaDharma an (((hugss))) BellaSita Mum

  5. Fleas are a nightmare. My cats had them in 2014 when we adopted an outdoor cat. I treated him with Revolution, but it didn’t work and we had fleas everywhere. I am glad your mom got the problem under control. XO

  6. After one time in my live, I never had fleas anymore, Granny gave me Homeopathic Remedies which made me no longer attractive to fleas. She also made a special brew of lemons to clean the house right after😸Good Luck fighting them🙏Pawkisses for a Happy Week ahead🐾😽💞

  7. snoops and kommando; YEOW….sew sorree bout de fleez….we noe onlee two well what kinda….soundz like smell…..gettin rid oh em can bee….onze, R dawg cuzin vizited boomer N dai$y and de next thing ya noe……de bass terd fleez waz everee wear….heerz hopin they iz gone for good & due knot come bak fora ree union ~~~~~

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