Snoops and Kommando: The Week in Review

Angry cat' amasses huge social media following due to his seemingly  permanent grumpy expression | Daily Mail Online

Snoops and Kommando here. This week’s post was supposed to be honoring us. But Mom has a Google Pixel that is being difficult about accessing the pictures that are on her Google shared files. She’s really angry, and we’re pretty upset too. (But you will see beautiful us next week along with our witty repartee, so don’t worry.

As you know, Mom’s been sick. She got cleared for work on Thursday, But she says that her brain may have gone on permanent vacation, so we’re bringing you memes of the way things have been going for her. We’re starting with how she looked for most of the week:

Happy Cats - πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Join our group: Happy Cats | Facebook

Then she found out that her part-time job had terminated her because she took too much time off on quarantine:

100 Funniest Cat Memes Ever

Then she found out that the hospital was supposed to give her the results of her COVID test, not the state (as the hospital had told her). She had to sign a release of information form to get her own results and then wait a day while they encrypted it.

cats angry cat Memes & GIFs - Imgflip

Then she got the news that she didn’t have COVID:

The Mystery of the Happy Cat | Wellness Pet Food

Then she found out that her auto-pay wasn’t working for the gas company:

Grumpy Cat Memes - Photos | Facebook

And there was a glitch in the cellular payment, so they turned it off:

Let's Talk Angry Cat Sounds and How to Handle Them - Catster

Then she found out she could get her job back if she provided documentation:

Annoyed Cat memes | quickmeme

Then she discovered that none of her computers (the laptop, Chromebook, tablet) wanted to work with the printer so she could scan said paperwork:

Best cat memes to celebrate International Cat Day | Metro News

Then our human brother made the Chromebook cooperate:

Don't worry, be Happy Cat" - Lolcats - lol | cat memes | funny cats | funny  cat pictures with words on them | funny pictures | lol cat memes | lol cats

So now she’s back to work at her full-time job and waiting for the part-time job:

Cats is bored... by Arsarros - Meme Center

Of course, through it all, we were there for her:

Cuddly Kittens Photograph by Joyce Rose

All pictures courtesy of Google Images

30 thoughts on “Snoops and Kommando: The Week in Review

  1. My friend, how I can come by each week and not know you were ill…I have no idea how I did that. Your pictures were so illustrative of what you went through. I am belatedly sending hugs and my friendship. You went through so much. Those pictures just were perfect to show what all you did go through! πŸ™‚ Stay all better and with THAT help and back up…I know all is well at your home.
    Katie Isabella

  2. Gosh what a difficult time for your human but we’re so happy she’s not got vivid. Hugs,purrs and love mom & Spike.xπŸ˜»πŸ’œπŸΎ

  3. Wow, that was sure a difficult time to go through! I am glad you didn’t have covid but what a frustrating series of mishaps. Hoping everything goes more smoothly for you soon!

  4. Those were great stand-in photos. My wife was sick months ago and it took 11 days to get a negative COVID result. She was fine by then but neither of us could go anywhere during that time.

    • Thank you. I really don’t understand the delay in getting results. They’re supposed to be more efficient now, and That’s pretty scary with a new wave coming/here

      • This was several months ago before they were efficient. We had it done at CVS. It was almost impossible to get an appointment and then they were really backed up and the results kept getting delayed.

  5. What a week. Glad you are feeling better and hopefully, everything else will sort itself out. Good thing Snoops and Kommando were there for you! They must have done a good job taking care of you. Prayers that everything else gets better. Take care.

  6. we iz glad yur momz bak ta werk now guyz; time ta start mezzin round with
    stuff in de houz when her walkz out de door huh πŸ™‚ itz been a while sinz ya could !!
    N we hope ewe both get like extree giftz thiz Christmas for taking such good care
    oh mom….its de leest her could due πŸ˜‰ β™₯β™₯

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