What’s in a (Cat’s) Name

Is a group of kittens really called a kindle?” | CATERPICKLES

We follow several blogs that have pictures of beautiful kitties. The titles on the posts are kind of weird. Like, it will say “Fluffy Kitty” and show a Sphinx, or it will say “Black Cat” and show a striped orange kitty.

Finally got a name tag for my cat!! : MinecraftMemes

We started thinking about the names that cats actually have and decided to look up the most popular names. Then we discussed what we thought a cat with that name would look like. Our descriptions are not intended to portray anything negative about our perfect species. It is merely intended to give humans some guidance on what type of name fits what type of cat.

Here are the top 10 kitty names in the U.S:

Most elegant cat I have seen ever. | Hübsche katzen, Katzen, Süßeste  haustiere

Luna – We think this name belongs with an elegant cat. One who shows her superiority innately; she never needs to meow about it.

Princess Aurora – A Photogenic Cat Royalty | Cats, Pretty cats, Cute animals

Bella – Another beautiful cat. She attracts beautiful cats around her.

It's Cat Weekend! Submit your cat memes and tag them "cat weekend" May  11-13, a Landon_the_memer, 1forpeace, & JBmemegeek event! - Imgflip

Kitty – What can we say? There are really that many humans who can’t think of anything better when they name their fur babies?

Lolcats - manners - LOL at Funny Cat Memes - Funny cat pictures with words  on them - lol | cat memes | funny cats | funny cat pictures with words on

Oliver – He is well-mannered and would never think of not sharing his prey with his hunting-deficient humans. He doesn’t want them to starve

There is always one kid, in every group that ruins the photo for the rest  of the group. . . | Crazy cats, Kittens, Pretty cats

Lucy – A fun, outgoing kitty. She likes to be with other cats and is playful with them and her humans.

Types of Domestic Longhair Cats | LoveToKnow

Leo – Obviously, the king of all he surveys. He has a mane and a beautiful coat. He knows he’s superior and all humans are his minions.

The Most Playful Cat Breeds

Charlie – The male counterpart to Lucy. He’s good-natured and hard to rile. A cat who’s fun to be around.

One is another's shade | Cats, Christmas cats, All black cat

Shadow – A dark-coated cat who slinks around. They can sneak up on their human out of nowhere and scare them silly. Exception: A small kitten who won’t ever leave her human’s side. These cats grow up to be excellent protection for their human from fish and chickens.

Charming Cat Picture - Cutest Paw

Simba – He’s a king, but with a playful side. He can charm his human so well that they’re his minion before they know it.

Intellectual-Cat | Funny cat wallpaper, Cute cats, Cats

Milo – An intellectual cat. He will outsmart his human every time. But he’s lovable so they laugh about it.

Hopefully, you will show this information to your human for future reference.

I should take off my name badge - Sophisticated Cat - quickmeme

Pictures courtesy of Google Images.

28 thoughts on “What’s in a (Cat’s) Name

  1. I loved seeing these kitties! I am sorry that two of the pictures didn’t show however. The Cutest Paw and the Sophicated Cat. Dinnerbone? WOWSERS! Those cats we saw here are fitting their names right to the last fur! 🙂
    Katie Isabella

  2. I think you are right on the money. We try to name our cats based on their personality. Chris is our only cat that we didn’t name. We actually changed his name to Rudy because he was rude but it didn’t stick. I guess because my son’s name is Chris too and they are both stubborn that it just seemed appropriate.

  3. My late boy was named Jelly Bean (I always spelled it 2 words) “Jelly” as we called him was white with 2 different colored eyes and everyone would think he was a girl! My late girl was named Sachiko, which means “Blissful Child” in Japanese, but I found it too exotic, so I changed her name to Chelsea. However, one of Chelsea’s nick-names was “Miss Sachiko”. 🙂 Finally, my girl now was called Casey at her foster home, but I re-named her Holly in honor of Buddy Holly, my favorite singer. Love this list, I’ve known cats with all these names except for Dinnerbone and Luna!

  4. I once had a ginger tabby I found at the local shelter. I took Lucy to the veterinarian’s to be spayed, a condition for adopting from the shelter, along with getting the standard shots.
    When I handed Lucy to the technician, she said, “This is a neutered male…” Oops! The office clerk asked me at that moment what the cat’s name was, and I had to come up with something really fast. I said, “Louie”, since it sounded similar and honored Louis “Satchmo” Armstrong, another favorite “Kool Kat”. LOL! (“Lucy” was chosen because of the cat’s hair color, you know, Lucille Ball.)

    Louie lived up to his name, and is fondly remembered.

  5. I had a Lucy.I miss her.I used to say, Lucy, you have a lot of splainin to do. Thank you for the kind words you left on my blog for the loss of Polar Bear. XO

  6. All the kitties suit their names. I have a twofeet sister who’s name is Luna, she thinks just like the Luna kitty😸My name is Little Binky, they gave me my name because they thought I’m a cool cat lady, but everyone thinks I’m a male, I wonder what they were thinking😸Pawkisses for a Happy Wednesday🐾😽💞

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