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Greetings. Snoops and Kommando Kitty here. As you probably know, almost all humans have been forced to stay at home by some sort of invisible “bug”. Our human works at a place that sells kibble, so she’s still working. But we can imagine how traumatic it must be to have all your humans around all the time. They’re in your space, complaining about how they can’t go to out to play with their friends anymore. Or even worse, roaming around the house doing all sorts of stuff that upsets your routine. We have some ideas that might help you deal with the situation.

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Play Fetch

If your human is working at home, you’ll probably see pens and clips and other office supplies lying around that you can use. You want to sit close enough to reach the toy, but not close enough to be caught.

Take your paw and give the pen a strong swipe. You want it to skitter across the floor, preferably under something. You may need to do this a couple of times before your human realizes it’s a game.

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Sing for Their Friends

Your human may talk to other humans on those computer thingeys that they work with. A lot of the time you can see the other people. You can help them when they start to get bored. First try talking. It’s easiest to do if you are sitting in your person’s lap.

Your person may rudely put you on the floor despite the other people talking about how cute you are. Obviously, they want more of you. This is when you sing. While the others enjoy your musical talents, your human may accuse you of yowling and throw you out. No accounting for taste. They’re probably jealous.

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Play Hide and Seek

Usually this game is most fun when you play it with their keys. But now that they won’t go anywhere, you probably want to use their phone. This game is best when they don’t realize you have touched the phone. (Ours loses hers a lot and never thinks it might be us.)

You can slide it under a chair (leave a little bit showing) or put it behind something. We have found that the very best place is to lay on it and pretend to sleep. They usually think we’re cute and don’t want to disturb us.

If they are being particularly annoying (spending too much time with it and not enough with you), we recommend you hide it under the refrigerator or some other hard-to-reach spot. They won’t be able to find it until it rings.

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Watch TV Together

We’re not talking about the regular sitting in their lap and watching their shows. You should help them watch something different. Maybe a three-hour documentary on the history of kibble.

If they try to turn on the news or anything else that stresses them out, turn off the volume. If they don’t get the message, hide the remote. You want to protect their mental health during the crisis: they need to be able to feed you and cuddle upon demand.

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We hope you will find these suggestions helpful.

We wish health and happiness for everyone during the crisis.

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31 thoughts on “Cat Forum: Taking Care of Your Human

  1. Absolutely great advice! I hadn’t thought of under the fridge as a great hiding place for that phone! I have you to thank!!

  2. Great post, and great idea about how to lose that phone. Trouble around this place is Mrs H tends to lose MY phone, though not by playing games!
    Stay well and keep them humans laughing 😂

    • Thank you! (For some reason,your posts are not appearing in my email. I’ve tried everything I can think of, so I’m going to try deleting and reading you)

  3. You forgot the importance of waking them up at night, so they have to have day naps. Singing at night is a good way to start. When they get used to that it is time to play with them in their bed. If they refuse to play, and even start swiping at you saying “I need sleep!’, then you can jump on the nearest dog. They need comforting and really wake people up.
    When all this starts to fail, humans can be very lazy, it is time to drop ornaments. It’s like your Fetch, but it is done in the dead of night and it has to be something that breaks loudly. Wakes them up and requires them to clean up so they can’t fall back to sleep too quickly.
    Then they sleep quietly, top notch bed, and are ready to be a lovely bed for your afternoon nap.
    Try it tonight.
    Many Meows,
    Orion Prince of Burmese Tigers and Anubis Little Lord of Darkness.

  4. A three hour documentary on the history of kibble. 🤣 This whole post was adorable! I loved the positive spin on a troubling time. Purrfect way of making us all smile! Sending love to you & all of your precious kiddos. I say they’ve got great advice!

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