Cat Forum: A Winter Poem

Snoops and Kommando Kitty here. We would like to thank all of you for your kind words and prayers over the past week. We were very touched by the number of friends we have made here in blogworld.

Mom still is a little unmotivated creatively, so we wrote you a poem. We hope you like it.

Image result for winter

A Winter Poem

We think that we shall never know

Image result for animals in snow

What lies hidden cross the snow.

Image result for bunny in snow

Could it be a bunny there?

Image result for snowshoe hare in snow

Or its cousin, the snowshoe hare?

Image result for woodchuck in snow

Maybe a woodchuck warm and fat.

Image result for winter cat

Or might just be the neighbor’s cat.

Image result for relaxed cat

We don’t know, but that’s okay.

Image result for winter cat

Neath warm blankets where we’ll stay.


Pictures courtesy of Google Images

16 thoughts on “Cat Forum: A Winter Poem

  1. snoopz and kommando.. itz veree nice ta meet ewe N we wish we coulda meeted unders other circumstanzez… but we did wanna stop N say HI…. N pleez feel free ta sneek round trout towne any time; we all wayz haz foodz on de grill 25/8/366… N yur poem total lee rox …… and if ya canna understand R speech…, trout; pleez due knot hesitate ta tell us coz we willna bee oh fended in any way….we due knot even understand R selvez on most dayz… 🙂 ♥♥ we can commint in normal talk az well 🙂 ♥ happee day two ewe all ~~

  2. Most excellent verse about a sad and cold time of year…… but a time that means spring will soon come and warmth and light to lead us to glorious summer days. We like to snuggle on top of duvets but have been known to get into cupboards for light relief, MOL

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