WordPress, I am Really Disappointed in You

Dear WordPress

I thought we were friends, maybe a little more. We’ve been together for more than a year now. You’ve introduced me to a lot of people, most of them friendly and kind. (Although there was that one guy who seemed to get stranger and stranger the more he posted.) You helped me improve my writing and gave me an outlet for my strange humor. You never judged.

But one day, you stopped sending me emails from the people I was following. I waited, but still nothing from you. After a few days, I sent an email to your help desk. No response. Obviously I didn’t mean as much to you as you do to me. I checked my blog list. No, I hadn’t inadvertently turned off the notifications of everybody.

Finally, I realized that I would have to look outside our relationship. I posted to the forum. They answered within a couple of hours. The writer gave me a link to see whether or not I had blocked the emails. It said I had.

WordPress, I don’t even know how to get to that screen. Obviously, we are having serious communication problems. I don’t know what I’ve done to deserve you trying to cut me off from every one. I visit you almost every day. I give you posts. I check out a lot of other sites.

Speaking of other sites, what’s up with the ones you are suggesting for me? I know I am following a wide variety of sites, but your choices seem a little strange. I really don’t think you understand me at all.

For instance, the ones that are “followed by the people I follow”. The people I follow are talented. If I’m following three good poets, which one of them is responsible for you sending me to a blog that wouldn’t make the cut for discount greeting cards?

And why don’t I see those sites when I look at the posts I receive? Are you trying to create trouble between me and the people I follow? Are you trying to tell me that those people have talent, but no taste? Or do you have bloggers you want me to support? Are there kickbacks involved?

What about those humor sites you send me to? I would guess there are several hundred thousand humor blogs that are actually funny. Do all of my contacts have that many unfunny friends they are supporting? Are all of the good blogs written in Danish?

And the sites where I have “liked” something previously. Am I the only one who “likes” a post, but really isn’t that fond of the general content of a blog? Maybe after a few weeks of me still not following, you could get the hint and take it off my “suggested” list? Obviously I have been there and am still not following.

What is the idea behind sites that are similar to sites you follow? I actively follow (have the posts come to my email) blogs on poetry, photography, humor, history, travel, philosophy, animals, and life stories. I passively follow (occasionally looking at the Reader) several more of the same type. Why do you send me cooking sites? Or gardening?

The final group I get are “Freshly Pressed”. They seem to be a hodgepodge of blogs that may or may not be related to my interests. Are you trying to get more followers for your favorite “Freshly Pressed”? Do you assume that since you like them, I will like them?

I have tried typing in tags to find something I might like. Strangely enough, “hedgehogs” and “bears” took me to a list of sites that actually use that tag. When I typed in “humor”, I did not get a list of sites. I got sent to the list of topics I could choose from. One of which was humor. When I clicked “humor” there, I got a list of blogs that used the category humor. There are no blogs that use the tag “humor”?

I tried “Recommended”. No matter which topic I picked, there were so many choices it would have taken a day (or more) to get through them all. Who is recommending them all? Do they get to stay on there forever? Have you been introduced to the concept of “sub-topic”?

WordPress, I think you are playing favorites. You won’t tell me how blogs get put on certain lists or get awards, but you want me to trust your judgment. Judgment that doesn’t seem to understand me at all.

I was obviously wrong about you. I thought you cared. Now I see I’m only a file to you, nothing more. But get a clue – if you keep suggesting things that I might like and I don’t, I may just stop trusting you.



14 thoughts on “WordPress, I am Really Disappointed in You

  1. It’s us individual bloggers you have to keep your faith in, Cat. WordPress is so huge, millions of bloggers, so I’ve been told. Yikes. The suggestions and clicks and go-to directives can be frustrating. The people I stick with, like you and many others, to ready their blogs and comments, keep my satisfied, thankfully. The rest I take as trial-and-error.

  2. I’ve had problems with wordpress not posting my posts when I ask them to post. (that’s a lot of “post”) In fact, there was one time I wrote a nasty haiku about wordpress because they didn’t post (again) and some guy started writing nastygrams to me on my blog about how I should appreciate what I get from wordpress, they let me publish my nasty haikus for free, and blah blah blah. Completely delusional. Anyway, I feel your pain. I hope your grief is short lived, and you and wordpress can work through your problems.

      • Ha! Agreed. Poor kindly WordPress, just trying to do a good deed for all of us, and we have to be so disparaging– I told that guy that they -do- make money off of wordpress. I’m not sure he believed me.
        I asked him to kindly never ever visit my blog again.

  3. Sometimes a keyboard shortcut can cause havoc, and it doesn’t even have to be a keyboard shortcut that you are aware of. All you have to do is accidentally hit it at the right time, and there ya go!

  4. Some algorithm at WordPress has decided I’m interested in fashion. It should annoy me, since I’ve been entirely post-fashion for years now, but I’m inclined to think it’s funny.

    But on a different topic, I’ve never seen so many good pictures of cats so close together in a comment thread.

    • Maybe WordPress is just trying to expand our horizons. Or maybe it has some sort of random generator – likes cats, must like quilts.

      We do attract a large number of beautiful cats to the site.

      Thanks for coming by

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