Why Everyone Should Adopt a Black Cat

Greetings everyone! It’s Onyx here, this time to specifically talk about black cats and adoption. I was adopted by my human at 6 months old, and she was very saddened to hear that, not only was I severely neglected and abused before being rescued by the shelter, but once I was cleared for adoption and put on display, I sat there for six weeks without a single inquiry. In fact, she was the first (and only) person to show any interest in me- it was so bad, the shelter kept delaying getting me spayed, because other cats were coming in and leaving within a day, and to leave the specific shelter I was at, you had to be spayed or neutered. So I thought I would talk about the struggles of being a black cat waiting for adoption, and what benefits will come if you do choose to adopt black felines. 

Bad Shelter Statistics

Black cats have it rough when it comes to shelter statistics. Not only are black cats given up the most of any color feline, but we are also the hardest to place in homes. Black cats have the lowest adoption rate of any color cat out there. In addition, we make up the highest percentage of kitties in shelters. Unfortunately, in areas that still allow euthanizing for animal control, that also means that black cats are most likely to be put down. The shelter life of a black cat is a sad life. 

Fun, Playful Kitties

Black cats have a tendency to be more energetic and playful. We love playing hide and seek (and are quite good at it!) as much as we love pouncing and chasing. This trait can make black cats a good fit for families with young children who enjoy playing and chasing. 

We Love Everyone

Black cats are also found to be super sweet and loving. We love curling up on your lap or pillow and soaking in companionship. We also love being held or snuggling up for a nap, and most of us show no hesitation in requesting our cuddles. I will reach out and tap my human with my paw to show I need love (that’s how I got her to notice me in the shelter)! I also love giving head bonks and nose rubs, and just showing my affection often. 

Good Luck Charms

Although there are many (horribly untrue) myths that black cats cause bad luck, many cultures are now beginning to flip their ideas to show that black cats actually bring good luck! These fortunate countries include England, Japan, Italy, Ireland, Scotland, Egypt, and Latvia. There are some Asian cultures, China especially, that believe black cats bring prosperity. Unfortunately, America has yet to jump on the good luck bandwagon, but hopefully soon! 

Black Cats Matter

As mentioned above, due to volume, black cats tend to have a higher euthanization rate to begin with. But did you know that some people are so cruel, they’ll actually adopt black cats with the intention of harming or killing them? Some people also adopt black cats as “Halloween decorations” and abandon them after the holiday. For that reason, many shelters won’t even adopt out black cats during the month of October. Unfortunately, evil persists year round, so black cats are still at risk of being placed into a harmful home. By adopting a black cat, you’re saving them from a life of misery and guaranteeing a safe, loving home. 

Intelligence at its Finest

Obviously all cats are smart- we did domesticate humans, after all, and continue to train them. But did you know black cats are often known for their intelligence and wisdom? Many black cats are distantly related to the panther, one of the smartest animals out there. In the wild, we use our intelligence to simultaneously camouflage and hunt prey. At home, we use it to hunt small prey and perfect our humans. Pretty cool, huh?

Black is Beautiful

All cats are beautiful, and black cats are no exception! Not only do we match all outfits and decor, but our black first look regal. The color of our eyes are piercing against the black of our coat, and we can get highlights (typically auburn or brown) from the sun. Black cats make the purrfect accessory or centerpiece to your home! 

Long Live the Black Cat

Looking for a long term relationship? Adopt a black cat! Black cats tend to live longer and are thought to have a stronger immune system than other felines. Scientists believe this is due to our lineage being traceable to one breed, meaning genetic coding hasn’t been compromised and weakened. Black cats are less likely to develop feline leukemia, and tend to bounce back quicker from minor illnesses and injuries. If we’re kept inside and taken well care of, it’s not uncommon for black cats to live between 18-22 years. That’s definitely a worthy relationship. 

The adoption of any cat is a wonderful journey, for both human and kitty. But the next time you’re seeking a new family member, please consider a black cat. We’re wonderful, loving creatures, and we’d love to get to know you and brighten your home. And spread the word to everyone you know- we can save the kitties one adoption at a time! 

With head bonks and nose rubs,

Onyx Katt

Ed. Note: We want to offer our condolences to Ms. Ellen and everyone at 15andMeowing. Beloved Sammy went over the Rainbow Bridge a few days ago. He will be missed.

33 thoughts on “Why Everyone Should Adopt a Black Cat

    • It is very sad. Hopefully as people become more informed, black cat treatment starts to improve!
      Head bonks,
      Onyx Katt

    • Cats — especially those of the color black — too often are systematically persecuted by Man. Why? Because beautiful yet often misunderstood, prejudged and unjustly despised animals, cats are. And only when overpopulations of unwanted cats are greatly reduced in number by responsible owners consistently spaying/neutering their felines might these beautiful animals’ presence be truly appreciated.

      Meanwhile, cats’ qualities — especially their un-humanly innocence and symbiotic-like mind/body healthy relationship (contrary to common misinformation) they can and do give us — indeed make losing the pet someday such a heartbreaking experience.

      Yet many people ‘simply don’t like cats,’ and in no small part for their seemingly innate resistance to human commands. Also, with their reptile-like vertical-slit pupils and Hollywood-cliché fanged hiss when confronted, in a world mostly hostile toward snakes, cats may have a permanent PR problem, despite their Internet/social-media adorable-pet status.

      It was reported a few years ago that Surrey, B.C., had an estimated 36,000 feral cats, very many of which suffer severe malnourishment, debilitating injury and/or infection. Yet, the municipal government, as well as aware yet uncaring residents, did little or nothing to help with the local non-profit Trap/Neuter/Release program, regardless of its (and others’) documented success in reducing the needlessly great suffering. And I was informed last autumn by Surrey Community Cat Foundation that, if anything, their “numbers would have increased, not decreased, in the last 5 years.”

      Perhaps not surprising, when I made a monetary donation to the local T/N/R program, a lady volunteer left me a tearful voice mail expressing her appreciation, which to me suggested a scarcity of caring financial donors. It’s the only charity to which I’ve ever donated, in no small part because of the plentiful human callousness towards the plight of those cats and the countless others elsewhere.

      I believe there’s a subconscious yet tragic human-nature propensity to perceive the value of life (sometimes even human life in regularly war-torn or overpopulated famine-stricken global regions) in relation to the conditions enjoyed or suffered by that life. With the mindset of feline disposability, it might be: ‘Oh, there’s a lot more whence they came’.

      • This is very insightful, and I find it to be totally true. Very wise words!
        Head bonks,
        Onyx Katt

  1. We have had two black cats and I can assure everyone that they are definitely as great of a pet as any other cat. If I was looking for another cat, I think I would look for an older black cat.

  2. All cats are beautiful but I think black cats are a little extra beautiful. And completely natural! Many of our kitties have been black.

    • It was my pleasure! It is a topic that is not only very meaningful to me, but one that needs to be addressed!
      Head bonks,
      Onyx Katt

  3. We love black cats ! In fact, our most recent kitty wandered up and found us, as an old intact tom with battered ears. He is now asleep in a cat bed in here as I type. Purrs !


    She laid by his bared feet
    at the foot of his bed
    though in his dream they’d meet
    which they did in his head.

    For this sleek black feline
    she’d been in there before
    such she’d never decline
    as that cat he’d adore.

    A myth it couldn’t be
    that her claws touched his toes
    as the dreaming did he
    was about that she knows.

    The dream she boldly caught
    that night she did invade
    was the dream she had sought
    the dream she’d long delayed.

    Within she placed her claws
    upon his sleep-bound feet
    all performed with no flaws
    then and there they did meet.

    Though not feeling abused
    by prickling on his toes
    he still looked down confused
    at each of five toes, two rows.

    Naught of her did he find
    in his dream created
    though back to wakened mind
    he saw her and stated

    ‘Mimi, it’s you—you rascal!’
    yet he still adored her
    while finding special
    her response a smooth ‘mrrrr’.

    From the thick mattress down
    she landed easy goes
    as he said ‘You little clown—
    you leave alone my toes.’

    Thought she, ‘Again we’ll meet
    as you dream fast asleep
    when the toes on your feet
    from my paws you cannot keep’.

  5. Mee-yow WOW!! What a furabuluss bloggie post Onyx Katt!!! You are furry hansum an look so much like ‘angel’ Unkell Purrince Siddhartha….like twinss allmost…..
    Mee an him are THE only 2 Black Catss BellaSita Mum has had an shee sayss wee are THE kewlest catss efurr!
    ***purrss*** BellaDharma an {{hugss}} BellaSita Mum

  6. Onyx, you are beautiful. I love black cats. I have 2 right now and 4 in Heaven. Thank you for writing about my sweet Sammy. XO

    • Thank you so much! I would like to express condolences on behalf of myself, Thunder, and Onyx. We were very sad when Snoops and Kommando told us of Sammy leaving us. We hope you’re okay.
      Head bonks,
      Onyx Katt

    • Any black cat would love to have you! Unfortunately, we don’t have many allies in this world, but we love the ones we have!
      Head bonks,
      Onyx Katt

    • Black cats make great partners. My human calls me her emotional support animal. Black cats are very loving, and I thank you for saving one!
      Head bonks,
      Onyx Katt

  7. onyx; black catz total lee rox, all wayz haz N all wayz will….we haz never understood why PEEPULZ iz sew *!)#!#%%@#* up bout black catz…tho sauce of fishbone weared a wee tux, sam B went nekkid 🙂 ther furz waz de awesumest ;} we lovez em both ♥♥♥

    • People are definitely strange! But I’m so glad that black cats have an ally in you! Black Cats definitely rule!
      Head bonks,
      Onyx Katt

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