Cat Forum: Interview with Dezi and Raena

(ed. note – We would like to apologize for being late this week. Cat had trouble with the picture file. Life would be much simpler if someone else around here had opposable thumbs. Humans can be so difficult to work with.)

Greetings from Snoops and Kommando Kitty. We have a totally pawsome interview this month. Know how everybody’s always talking about service dogs? Well, we have a couple of service cats, and they are amazing. They are sisters Dezi and Raena, and you can find them giving service tips every Monday and other fun stuff the rest of the week on their own blog.

What is a service cat?

Dezi: Dat’s a great question Kommando and Snoops. Fanks fur havin’ us fur an innerview; we’re so excited to be here. Technically da ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) doesn’t recognize kitties as Service Animals. They only recognize Seeing Eye dogs, Alert dogs and search and rescue dogs. Da definition of a Service Animal is: A dog (animal) that is individually trained to do work or perform tasks for a person with disabilities.

A Service animal should not be confused with or compared to a Therapy animal or Emotional Support animal. The latter two require no specific training and can be pretty much any species of animal dat a person considers comforting. Ifin you follow our blog, you know dat we are individually trained to purrform work to help mommy live independently. Da work/tasks we purrform should not be confused with “tricks”. While we do purrform on command for mommy, we don’t give shows or purrform in any manner dat would imply what we are doin’ is a learned trick. Most of our tasks require us to think and decide to act without bein’ asked or ordered too.

Is it a full-time job?

Dezi: It’s absolutely a full time job. We have to be ready any time day or night. Ifin mommy needs us, we’re there. We think we live like normal cats. We nap, play, watch da occasional bird or squirrel teevee and scratch just like any other cat would. Da only difference is, ifin mommy were to fall or we sense dat she is goin’ to pass out, we stop whatever we’re doin’ and run to her aid. We all sleep when mommy sleeps. Dat’s kinda how we make up fur any nap time we miss.

Raena: Who could sleep thru mommy fallin’ sissy? Ya’ know she’s really tall and it’s a long way to da floor. And mommy ain’t no ballerina.

Dezi: Raena!!!

Raena: What? Mommy says it herself. Movin’ on…

Do you both work at the same time?

Dezi: There are lots of times when we both work at da same time. Meownin’ massages, night time massages, shower duty and those times when mommy gets dizzy or trips and falls. Sis Lexi and me would offen work together to bring mommy bigger items dat were too heavy fur one kitty. Sis Raena and me aren’t dat coordinated yet. But she’s still young, so there’s purrlenty of time fur dat down da road.

What do you do in your spare time?

Raena: I’s wanna answer furst sissy. Can I’s take this one?

Dezi: Me guesses Raena. But ‘member, this is an innerview, and not your purrsonal story time.

Raena: I’s know. Kittens!!! You’d think I’s was born yesfurday. Hmmpht Mines birthday is comin’ up soon tho’. Anyways, we do cat things in our spare time. Ya’ know, like any good feline, we luv nappin’ and playin’. I’s like to play more than sis Dezi, but mommy says it’s just cuz I’s still a kitten. I’s think sis Dezi is sometimes just a furry fuddy duddy.

Dezi: RaenaBelle Mayce!!! You take dat back!!! Me likes to play just as much as da next kitty.

Raena: Sorry sissy. You sure can be sensitive. (Dezi darts a glare towards Raena) I said I’s was sorry sissy.

Dezi: Just wait Raena. You won’t know when or how…just wait.

Mommy A: Girls! That’s enough, Get along and be nice to your gracious interviewers.

You’re both so beautiful. Does it take a lot of daily grooming?

Raena: Y, Fanky fank ya’. You’re so sweet. Bein’ Ragdolls, we don’t have an undercoat. Peeps say our fur is similar to rabbit fur cuz it’s so soft and doesn’t mat. But I’s do luvs a good brushin’. Mommy knows just where to brush to get mines purr motor runnin’ full blast. I’s have some purretty long bloomers dat occasionally get a little dirty. I’s not a big fan of havin’ mommy wash me up, but at least I’s don’t have to do it. (shivers) Yucky

Dezi: Me isn’t crazy ‘bout brushin’, but every once in while me will tolerate it cuz mommy seems to really enjoy it. Me hasn’t had those dirty bloomers in quite some time, so fankfully mommy doesn’t have to clean me up anymore. Generally speakin’ Ragdolls are purretty low maintenance, considerin’ all our furs.

What’s your favorite thing to do with your human?

Dezi: Me luvs spendin’ time with mommy doin’ anythin’. We sometimes have mommy and Dezi days out, where she takes me with her on her errands. Me’s workin’ of course, but we also have lots of fun. And me always gets extra special treats.

Raena: I’s luvs bein’ with mommy. Whatever she wants to do, I’s in. I’s luvs Raena and mommy days out too. She puts me in da stroller and away we go. We go on lots of adventures and see lots of peeps and places. And I’s always get special treats. I’s luvs treats. Did you ask ‘bout dat? No? Well I’s luvs me some treats fur sure.

Is it safe enough there to go outside without your human?

Dezi: We live in a small town and kinda out in da country. We have a big wooded area right behind our ‘pawrtment dat be home to Wild Bobcats, Coons (raccoons), Armadillos, Opawsoms (opossums), Foxes, accordin’ to da manager whose doggy was attacked while she watched, Wolves/Coyotes, Rattlesnakes and many other wild creatures. In da skies and trees are lots of Birds of Prey, and then theirs da neighborhood dogs. Peeps ‘round here let their anipals run loose. It’s against da law, but they do it anyways. Most of these anipals wander ‘round our complex and are fed by da elderly residents. So goin’ outside without mommy could be deadly. When da weather’s good, mommy takes us out in our stroller so we can get some furesh air and sunshine. We don’t get too many sun puddles in da house cuz of our small windows and da way they face. So we really enjoy our strolls.

Do you have access to cat TV so you can see what is going on outside?

Dezi: A few years ago we were given an amazing cat tree. Mommy put it beside da front door in front of da livin’ room window, so we could look out when we wanted. We also have a kitten purrch dat mommy puts right in front of da door. We can look out ifin we want, but we live in a complex fur elderly and disabled peeps, so there’s not much action goin’ on outside. We used to have hummingbird feeders. We luvved watchin’ da hummers in da spring and summer. But da wasps kinda overtook them and mommy be deathly ‘lergic, so da feeders had to go bye bye.

Where is your favorite place to sleep?

Raena: It’s mines turn sissy. We both luvs to sleep on da cat tree durin’ da day. But at nighttime, when mommy goes to sleep, we wouldn’t wanna be anywhere else than by her side. We have a hospital bed, so we all squish together and cuddle fur as long as mommy can sleep.

We hear your human has an inside garden. Do you get to help?

Raena: I’s luvs mommy’s new garden. She got it fur Christmas from one of our pawsum awnties, and it was just what da doctor ordered. Mommy luvs salads but can’t afford to buy lettuce at da store. So now, she can just grow her own. I’s keep a real close eye on how everythin’ be doin’. Ya’ might have heard some stories ‘bout me removin’ a few caps or pods, but dat just isn’t true.

Dezi: RaenaBelle!!! Tell da truth. We are kitties of high standards and beyond reproach. We don’t lie.

Raena: Oh sissy, I’s was just kiddin’. I’s did learn mines lesson, and I’s don’t bother da garden anymore. I’s just keep a close eye on it all. Ya’ know, mommy needs me to tell her when to remove those cool caps or add water and stuffs. Besides, you actually ate some of da dill.

Dezi: Me was prunin’ it Raena. Dat’s all. Besides, mommy says, prunin’ makes it grow bigger and better. So me was actually helpin’. (Dezi rolls her eyes and in an exasperated voice) Sisfurs!!! (shakes her head)

Do you have anything else you’d like to say?

Dezi and Raena: Fank you so much Snoops and Kommando Kitty fur havin’ us fur an innerview. Besides our blog, we’re on all da social media channels, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. And we’ve even got a YouTube channel, ifin any of your readers would like to keep up with us. We always luv makin’ new furiends. And, ifin anypawdy would like to know the specifics ‘bout the differences in Service Animals, Therapy Animals and Emotional Support Animals they can see da Service Animal tab on da menu at our blog. Ya’ll wanna go play now?

The girls are just as much fun at their own site. We’re sure you’d like playing with them.

23 thoughts on “Cat Forum: Interview with Dezi and Raena

  1. Fank ya’ll fur havin’ us. We had a great time. And we hope your readers enjoy learnin’ a bit ’bout workin’ kitties. Big hugs fur all.

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Raena

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  3. What a pawsome interview with my grrl furrends! Mes LOVES their Service Cat training posts! Mes would think about being one, but at 18, mes kind of set in my ways, plus who would keeps all the man cats occupied?

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